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Kris Humphries Won’t Discuss Kim Kardashian Baby News

Posted by Adam

KIM Kardashian‘s ex-husband won’t even talk about or acknowledge her baby news.

Sources close to Kris Humpgries say he hasn’t amused that his estranged wife is expecting her first child with beau Kanye West.

”Kris won’t talk about Kim’s pregnancy. [Kris' girlfriend] Myla Sinanaj hasn’t asked about it and he hasn’t mentioned anything about it,” a source said.

“They talk about everything, but they don’t talk about Kim — Kris never wants to. It’s negative s**t, so they keep positive and only talk about everyday life, not Kim. Kris has to hear about it on Twitter, everytime he’s out, at basketball games — people yelling in the crowd.

“He can’t go to an event without Kim being mentioned, so it’s always in his face. When it’s just Kris and Myla, that’s like real life — away from the bulls**t, where he can just be him.

“The divorce court date got pushed back to June from February. Kris is in season, so he can’t take off now. I think Kim is probably going to give birth in June if she’s three months along right now, so I’m sure it will be pushed back again — it’s the ongoing saga.

“It’s not about money for Kris. Kim has offered him money, but Kris wants an apology and for her to admit she used him for TV ratings. She’ll never do that, though, because it will ruin her ‘brand’. Kris wants an annulment, not a divorce, however, she’ll never apologize or admit the marriage was fake. Now, it’s just going to look bad with her pregnancy.

“January 2 marked a year for ‘them.’ So, Myla lasted longer than Kim, but they still can’t shake her from their lives. Kris bought Myla two pairs of Louboutins for her birthday, Jan. 1. She got a black pair and a nude pair — both patin leather with studs on them. The pumps are going to be late because Kris is on the road right now, but he accidentally told Myla what her gifts are. She’s dying for them! She’s obsessed!”