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LeAnn Rimes’ Husband Using Her For Money

Posted by Adam

LEANN Rimes‘ husband Eddie Cibrian is using her for money..

According to Star magazine, the actor spends LeAnn’s cash like it’s going out of fashion — and she does nothing to stop him!

“Eddie spends LeAnn’s money at an alarming rate!” an insider said.

“He acts like it’s unlimited; he doesn’t even care. He buys whatever he wants, no matter how extravagant it is. The way he sees it is, he supports LeAnn in everything she does, so it’s only fair that he gets to buy himself treats.

“Eddie will buy LeAnn gifts with her own money, but she doesn’t care… it’s a great excuse for her to show off to everyone and act like Eddie takes care of her.

“LeAnn’s accountant has repeatedly warned her that Eddie’s spending is out of control, but she just turns a blind eye, terrified that one false move will cause Eddie to leave her for another woman.

“He could bring them to the brink of bankruptcy, and she still wouldn’t say anything.

Her career isn’t working out the way she hoped, so she’s doing all these little shows here and there to try to raise funds.

“She even sold her Tennessee mansion in March for $3.35 million less than it was listed for, because she needs the money.

“Deep down, she knows she can only keep Eddie if she’s rich.

“Once the money goes, so does he.”


  • francine

    Everybody knows why Eddie Cibrian is with Leann Rimes, it’s not because she’s beautiful, she’s very plain looking, the only thing she’s got going for her is her skinny body which she’s always flaunting and maybe her voice. It’s very sad because Eddie Cibrian has alays been a womanizing gigolo, he sticks to women that can maintain his expensive tastes. Once Leann Rimes money runs out, it’ s bye, bye Leann, next…

  • Holly

    Go here to see that LeAnn is not the only one who brings home a paycheck.

    God bless you and her and her family always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

  • Anonymous

    Karma is a cruel bee-yotch and Leann has been acting like a complete skannnkk-she stole another woman’s cheating husband and has done nothing but try to rub it in Brandi’s face-and tries to turn her boys against her as well-by buying them-obviously Eddie is sick of LeAnn because he is spending that cash fast-he wants out but he wants to spend it all first-if he was a happy golddigger he would figure on sticking around a couple of years-but it looks like he is on the fast track to get that money spent so he can ditch psycho LeAnn-obviously the therapy part of the deal was more than Eddie bargained for-and in the end Karma will be the biggest bee-yotch because if Eddie thinks the psycho won’t turn into the worst stalker he has ever seen when he tries to walk away he is sadly mistaken-this will end up in Betty Broderick style-Brandi is right to keep her boys away