Taylor Swift: ‘Harry Styles Was a Jerk’

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TAYLOR Swift thinks Harry Styles acted like a complete jerk to her.

The singer has told pal Selena Gomez that her now-ex-boyfriend treated her badly.

“Taylor and Selena are definitely planning some girl nights. Taylor said Harry Styles was a jerk, and said really mean things to her,” a source said.

“Selena told her that they were better than those losers, so they can’t wait to have a bunch of girls over and dance it out!”

Recent reports claimed Taylor told Harry was “lucky to even be with” her — because her career was more important than his.

“Taylor knows she’s far more high-profile in America and way richer, and saw her career as more important. She always brushed off his schedule and needs and put hers first,” a source said.

“When he complained his bandmates were getting irritated and she should do more to make things work, they started to yell crazy things. Taylor even yelled he was lucky to be with her.

“There were also problems over commitment. Harry wasn’t committed enough for her liking.

“Taylor’s been in the industry longer than Harry.

“She finds it embarrassing that he always stops for female fans posing for endless photographs and signing autographs.

“But she told Harry she thought it was really cheap. Harry’s a happy-go-lucky guy and would never dream of snubbing fans.

“However, Taylor told him she didn’t like him constantly chatting and flirting with girls.

“Harry’s a cheeky charmer, he finds all the attention funny and flattering.

“A massive row erupted and in the heat of the moment Taylor really insulted Harry. She’s not used to not getting her own way.”[imagebrowser id=1145]

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  • Matt

    Oh what a load of made up bull. Just leave them alome.

  • lynn

    Taylor appears to pick the non-commital guys like Joe, Harry, and John. She shouldn’t expect much at all. Maybe take a break and be alone for agile.

  • lynn

    Awhile not agile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chahansan Chuck Kuan

    where are these sources from?!