Fantasia Barrino Heading for a Breakdown?

Friday, January 11, 2013

FANTASIA Barrino is on the verge of a major breakdown.

The American Idol star’s family are worried about her health after Barrino posted a shocking anti-gay rant on a social media site.

“Fantasia appears to be coming unhinged again! She feels that she’s become the victim of personal attacks, yet she’s the one doing the ranting and raving,” a source said.

“She appears to be unraveling and friends are really worried about her.

“It sounds like she’s going off the deep end again. She needs help.”


  • Nero

    Didn’t sound like she was heading for a breakdown in that radio interview a couple of days ago and to describe her post as a “shocking anti gay rant is quite a stretch”

  • Charles C. Franklin

    fantasia sounds like a reincarnation of the late singer esther phillips


    First of all NOBODY CARE about SLOW ass Fantasia IS RETARDED! 1. single mother (ok) American Idol (ok) 3. dating-abortion- Dallas Xavier Barrino (not ok). “this goes out to all the baby mama’s” hahah a joke. Fantasia , Paula Cook is the only wife Antoine Cook wants. she is Pretty-Smart-Classy-and he made sure his kid’s were not bastards…hmmm. you are Ugly-Dumb-TRAILOR PARK GHETTO.. i love some of ur songs..u just make REAL WOMEN look so dam bad..close ur legs and u might find a Real Man..dont make fathers day a door-to-door day..With a house full of married men baby’s..T-MOBILE..ANOTHER JOKE.. LOVE CAN COME LATER..Show me the MONEY..and not from T-MOBILE..

  • Brenda Bb

    Fantasia…keep your head up, you are a child of The King….all of us have issues, always remember who you belong to and live life well…do it for your babies. Love you much