Robert Pattinson to Buy a Pub

Friday, January 11, 2013

ROBERT Pattinson has his sights set on buying a pub.

The actor loves traditional British pubs and aspires to one day own one in London.

“I would love to own a pub in London at some point…I wouldn’t want to buy a pub that was all trendy and done Gastro style food, I just want a real working men’s pub,” he said.

“I probably wouldn’t even go public that I owned it. I wouldn’t want it to become the sort of place people went to spot celebrities. I just want it to be a real pub where men discuss the issues of the day.

“The UK is the home of pubs, and we need to make sure we protect them.

“Every time I am back home and see that a local pub has closed down it actually makes me sad.

“The local can be the focal point of the community, and if we lose them we lose one of the things that is greatest about Britain.

“Men putting the world to rights over a few pints puts the Great into Great Britain; we have to fight to keep that.”