Jennifer Aniston Eating For Two?

Friday, January 11, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1161] JENNIFER Aniston is letting herself go.

The reality star, 43, ditched her rig­orous diet and exercise routines during a Mexican vacation with fiancé Justin Theroux and chowed down to her heart’s content.

“Jen really let herself go while she was in Mexi­co,” a source said.

“She stuck to her rigid routine of daily power yoga, jogging, Pilates and circuit training all year long. So when she got the opportunity to kick back with the love of her life, all she wanted to do was take it easy. She forgot about her strict diet of steamed fish and green juices.

“Jen thought nothing of ordering up bowls of fresh guacamole with fried chips in the middle of the night, and then gorging on fish tacos and refried beans in the daytime.

“She ate pancakes in the mornings and ex­tra large burritos for dinner. After packing in all that stuff, it’s no wonder she’s got friends wondering if she’s pregnant!”



    No way, who would tell that? agh Hate this.

  • fatal

    scary psycho eyes and old witch claw hands

    • jilly

      Are you talking about Angelina Hollie?

      • zahara scary

        scary eyes

    • sweetie

      400 millions of people voted for Jennifer.

  • jilly

    SHE IS PREGNANT YOU IDIOTS! Don’t talk shit about beautiful Jennifer you MORONS.

    • Elmo

      Jesus, calm down!!! People can have their own opinions about whether she’s pregnant or not until its confirmed or officially stated the opposite.

      • jilly

        I will confirm that for all of us Elmo, believe me on this one! She is about three or four month pregnant. You’ll see…


    Jennifer looks great after Mexico.

  • Eleanor Rose

    LOVE Jen! she deserves a baby!!!

  • mara

    Stacy hates on Jolie. Good girl.

    • jilly

      Angie treated Stacy like crap on a plain ride they shared. That self important bitch cannot have any friends, ever. She is jealous of every woman around her. Imagine how she feels about Jennifer!


    Jennifer is a new Aveeno face. Congrats!

    • clara

      It’s a $ 40 M deal!

      • jilly

        Good for her!

      • wrinkle death

        Good for people: Aveeno has a very good reputation for decades.
        Jennifer is very responsible.


    Beauty WINS!