Chelsea Clinton Fears Parents Will Die Soon

Sunday, January 13, 2013

CHELSEA Clinton is worried sick about her parents’ health.

Hilary Clinton is thought to have recently suffered a stroke, and it’s believed Former President Bill Clinton is having problems with her heart.

And sources say Chelsea is scared about what might happen to her powerful mother and father.

“Chelsea has been asking, ‘Who will die first?’,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

“She is convinced her parents are now facing their sad last days.”

Recent reports claimed Chelsea has decided to undergo In Vitro Fertilization to have a baby.

The former First Daughter has been spurred on to start a family by her parents’ potentially deadly health problems.

The former First Daughter has been spurred on to start a family by her parents’ potentially deadly health problems.

“There’s an urgency like never before for Chelsea to give Bill and Hillary a grandchild,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She’s absolutely determined to bring a baby into the world in 2013.”

Chelsea, who turns 33 in February, has given up trying to get pregnant “the old-fashioned way” and is ready to begin IVF treatment with husband Marc Mezvin­sky, say sources.

Chelsea and investment banker Marc tied the knot in an interfaith ceremony on July 31, 2010. At first, couple suffered a rough patch, which led to them briefly living apart only six months af­ter their wedding.

“A lot of it had to do with Marc adjusting to life in the spotlight, but after a rocky start, they got it together,” said an insider. “Now, Chel­sea’s ready to give IVF a go and Marc is supporting her decision. They both realize there is a better chance of a multiple birth with this treat­ment.

“Chelsea is very con­cerned with her mother’s life-or-death medical crisis and her father’s concerns about dying. So with luck, a birth announcement is just around the corner.”


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  • Elmo

    Jesus, I don’t like how bill and Hillary are obviously pressuring chelsea into having a baby she may or may not want yet and using their own health issues as an excuse.

    • Margo Peters

      No one is pressuring her so read the story and if you believe it you dumber then the people who write this trash

  • Anonymous

    She should tell her parents to exposed the new world agenda before her world for her children is destroyed in part by her parents involvement in it. Does she know what her parents are doing to this country under their bosses at the Council of Foreign Relations? America will be wiped off this planet if they succeed and they are almost done.