Sofia Vergara’s Son Hates Nick Loeb!

Monday, January 14, 2013

SOFIA Vergara‘s son doesn’t want his superstar mom to marry her fi­ance Nick Loeb.

Manolo, 20, grew concerned about his mother’s relationship after Loeb dragged the Modern Family beauty into an ugly melee at a Miami Beach nightclub.

“Nick’s hair-trigger temper has Manolo scared to death,” a source American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Manolo desperately wants to like the guy, but violence seems to follow Nick around. Manolo is extremely protec­tive of his mother, and now he’s afraid for her safety. He believes Sofia should slam the brakes on her wedding plans immediately.”

Problems started after Loeb, a 37-year-old businessman and banking heir, rang in the new year with Sofia, 40, and Manolo at the Delano hotel in Miami’s trendy South Beach.

“Fortunately, Sofia wasn’t hurt,” said the source. “But Manolo was worried that she could have been. And, next time around, she may not be so lucky.

“Manolo accepted Nick only because his mom’s in love with him. He wants her to be happy. But he was never crazy about Nick – and, now, even less so!

“Manolo also thinks that Nick’s never been totally accepting of him.

“Manolo just wishes that his mom would take a time-out and not rush headlong into marriage with Nick. He’s hoping against hope that this could finally be a wake-up call for her before it’s too late!”