Camilla Parker Bowles Plots Takeover of Monarchy?

Friday, January 18, 2013

CAMILLA Parker Bowles is determined to be Queen!

The haggish old lady — who’s married to Prince Charles — has told Queen Elizabeth that she shouldn’t be ruling the country.

“Camilla told Queen Elizabeth, ‘You’re too sick to rule’,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

“Camilla is a schemer. She has hatched a sinister plot to takeover the throne and stop Prince William and Kate Middleton from becoming King and Queen.”

Meanwhile, William and Kate will be a little different when they welcome their first child next year.

The pair — who are the future king and queen of England — are determined to make a break from the past when they welcome their first child.

“They want to raise the baby on their own terms,” a source said.

“William and Kate’s child will have a modern upbringing.”

William’s and Kate’s baby will be raised in Kensington Palace, surrounded by security and taught to bow or curtsy from the day they can walk.

“William is painfully aware of what it’s like to grow up with the burden of being the future monarch hanging over your head.

“Your whole life is mapped out for you. They want their child to have as normal a childhood as they can manage.”

As previously reported on ShowbizSpy, Kate has been chowing down scones with jam and clotted cream!

“Kate has been craving scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream,” said a source.

“She can’t get enough of it. And she washes it down with a cup of old-fashioned English-breakfast tea.

“Some women eat raw onions when they’re pregnant, but Kate’s joked that she’s keeping it classy. It’s just a shame she can’t keep her food down for long!” [imagebrowser id=1187]


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  • corinna


  • audrey

    Camilla Parker Bowles is a disgusting gutter whore; she is like poison with everything she comes in contact with including her own bastard children. This will all end in tears and hopefully someone will eradicate this vile cancer as soon. The most pleasing aspect of this all is this vile toxic whore cannot control HM The Queen who knows how to deal with this repulsive filth and has every intention of
    remaining Queen for her lifetime that will probably be far longer than the late
    Queen Mothers!

    • Elmo

      Seconded. I have the feeling Elizabeth will outlive Charles anyway.

    • Dave

      I completely agree with your comments….I am not even a Monarchist but if we have to have a Royal Family then just put Camilla the Gorilla in a rubbish bin and have Kate and Wills…..Camilla is just an embaressing sack of shit

      • day

        Good God! If that Camilla the Gorilla becomes Queen then let there be civil war in England!!

  • geocyn48c

    only in her dreams

  • Anna

    No wonder I seldom read trash web sights like this. Nothing more than ill informed gutter filth comments. Audrey you really do have a serious mental problem



      [sic] “Precedence of the
      Royal Family to be Observed at Court.” While male precedence remained that of
      ROYAL AHEAD OF CAMILLA. Therefore, The Princess Royal, Princess Beatrice,
      Princess Eugenie & Princess Alexandra ALL take precedence over Camilla.
      While married Princess Diana took precedence over ALL the blood royal ladies!


      If I were Catherine Middleton the repulsive whore camilla
      parker-bowles would be the last person on earth I would take matrimonial advice
      from; the vile camilla is basically POISON beware! The camilla whore knows that
      the public mostly disapprove of her and charles for their disgusting adulterous
      activities and dreadful way Princess Diana was treated. The MAJORITY of the
      English people want the next sovereign to be William NOT charles and CERTAINLY
      NOT his rancid raddled vile old whore camilla!

      • day

        very well said! Bravo!

      • Alex127

        I am not British, just an independent observer from a foreign country. The truth of the matter is that Charles loved Camilla and wanted to be married to her even before he met Diana. When you are forced to marry someone you do not love, regardless of how beautiful and attractive they are, very many people get hurt in the process. Diana knew from the beginning her husband does not love her, however she kept on hoping this would change. I am sure this was very unfortunate and painful for her, but she could have walked away also on time and save her life. We can be forced to do many things, but never to forcefully love someone. Charles and Camilla are soul mates, Diana and Charles were not.

      • Elmo

        Charles and the rest of the royals who existed at the time(note: at the time I am talking about, William, Harry, and Kate all did not exist) married Diana into their family for the sole purpose of chewing her up and, once she was of no more use to them, spitting her out once she produced the heir and spare. Diana was used for breeding purposes(they knew Camilla wasn’t aquedate) and then crapped right out. Charles and that horse are in fact soul mates because they have so much in common-they are both ugly asshole whores!

      • scenery 77

        Amen to that, Elmo. Never marry someone you don’t love. You will never treat them right. I’m inclined to believe she was just that..a breeding horse. So, sad. I believe she loved Prince Charles with her last dying breath..though she probably cared a great deal for Dodie, too.

  • day

    What is the legal reality of that vile repulsive Camilla Parker Bowles becomming Queen one day??

  • Alex127

    Mrs. Camilla is not in a position to make any plots to take over the monarchy. Rules that guide the passage of the throne from one heir to another are well known. If queen Elisabeth abdicates or dies, Charles is the next king and his wife Camilla becomes a queen consort, unless Charles abdicates in favor of William.