Kelly Ripa Hating on Michael Strahan?

Friday, January 18, 2013

KELLY Ripa is hopping mad that her new co-host Michael Strahan has been boasting that he’s the reason their show’s ratings have been booming.

Michael has been claiming viewers are flocking to the show to watch him since he replaced Regis Philbin in September.

“Kelly’s seeth­ing,” a source said. “The way she sees it, it’s basically been her show since Regis left and she was the one who championed Michael for the job!

“Now she’s left wondering what kind of monster she created.”

Live! with Kelly and Michael recently edged out Dr. Phil for the first time this season.

3.6 mil­lion people viewed Live during the week of Dec. 16, while 3.5 mil­lion watched Dr. Phil, which had been No. 1 among talk shows since the season began 13 weeks ago. What’s more, the talk fest also topped Dr. Phil in the critical 25- to 54-year-old female demo­graphic, which is especially important to advertisers.

“Michael’s been puffed with pride ever since the good news came out,” said the source.

“He’s full of ideas for the show. He even wants to bring his bride-to-be (Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole) onto the program.


  • Alice Stottko

    He is a smart guy I knew he would try and get Nicole on the show .Kelly you are not as smart as I thought you were-!!

  • unome

    The only thing that happened to that show that was worse than Regis leaving was ripa staying. She was never more than marginal window dressing at best. I stopped watching when Regis left. Regis brought class and intelligent conversation to the show whereas now, to me, the show is nothing more than mindless yammering.