Daniel Craig Wants His Ears Pinned Back

Monday, January 21, 2013

DANIEL Craig is planning to get surgery to pin back his ears.

The actor is said to be sensitive about his head-flaps, so will go under the knife to get them sorted.

“Daniel’s always been oversensitive and self-conscious about his protruding ears — he recently confessed to the director of his super-successful Skyfall movie that all he could see while watching the film was…his ears! So he’s finally going to fix them for good,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Daniel gets jealous when other men talk to his sexy wife Rachel Weisz.

The actor, 44, can’t stand that his sexy spouse, 42, gets attention from the opposite sex.

“Daniel is the nicest guy, but when it comes to his wife, he has huge control issues,” a source said.

“He doesn’t want Rachel to go out without him. And if he sees someone flirting with her, he will aggressively tell the guy to back off.”

Sources say Rachel has never given her husband of a year and a half any reason to be jealous and has told Daniel he needs to chill out.

“She says he needs to be flattered when other men hit on her, because he’s the one she’ll be with forever,” said the mole.


  • Nikita

    LOOL!!!! A jug-eared Bond!