Kristen Stewart Fears Her Career is Over

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1137] KRISTEN Stewart is worried about her career following her split from boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

The actress famously cheated on Rob with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Rob and Kristen rekindled their romance following the cheating scandal, but are now said to have split once again.

“Kristen’s feeling very sorry for herself,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She knows she’s lost a lot of respect after what happened, but with the awards under way it’s just hit her how much her leading lady status has plummeted.

“She knew there would be a backlash from her cheating scandal, but she hoped the fact that Rob took her back might have placated a few people.

“Obviously that’s not been the case as there has been a certain cooling towards her now that the dust has settled. The scripts have definitely slowed down in land on her doorstep. and even the Snow White sequel’s still in negotiations. She’s in a real state about it. She’s in a really dark place at the moment.”


  • Paul

    Dear lady Kristen, this is all for you. Why don’t you go to 1 “embrace your fears” thing, and spend a week travel to Sarajevo. She is a young, fascinating, alive ‘n kicking lady too, full of witted young artists communities. They much deserve the ad you could bring, google a bit about it. Everybody’s kind and speacks english very well, it’s a wonderful place. There’s the hills and the valley too…just like home. And stop mumblin’, lots of people let down or cheat their true love when their young, before understanding for good and settling down with him/her for the rest of their life. Wish you well, love

  • Jan H

    Krissy, stay strong…You have been dumped on by the media and these rag magazine stories relentlessly…You are a beautiful you ng woman and one never knows how it will turn out. Rob may just need some time and if not…you have learned a huge lesson in life. Your career is not over by a long shot. You have much to offer. Give him his time and you stay strong and keep busy…Just leave him alone and don’t run around in his clothes. You can bet his “twisted evil sisters” harassed him enough to do something. Who knows…PRAY…and smile…You have so many who love you…..Go have dinner with your mom or dad….

    • Morons

      Get a life and stop rooting for this Lindsey Lohan wannabe. Kstew fans are just like her, morons

      • mayhem

        I have the feeling that “Morons” “no” and “stupid” are the same immature person posing as different people just to make everybody believe that Kristen is hated by everyone and also to get a reaction.

        Think about this, you are giving Kristen more power by acknowledging her and her career, and for that, I thank you, since I’m a fan of Kristen Stewart.

      • mary

        Lots of people hate her specially after her cheating with the married director. There was no momentary anything, it was going on till they got caught. wake up.

      • twilighter

        Can’t prove it. I challenge to do so or just STFU. We heard you the first time but you are just still spouting off.

      • mary

        I don’t need to prove anything. She confessed and all the pictures of the guy going down on her in the car should be enough for idiots like you. So, you should STFU.

  • Jane

    She is too young and definitely needs to live life more. doubt there is anything to worry about career wise, she has a huge fan base.

    • no

      Her fanbase is noneexistence. Now that Twilight is over, you will see how right that fact is. Her fans only exist on the internet. 3 people who have created 10 accounts.

      • twilighter

        Tell that to the people who spent 3. 2 billions on Twilight. And nearly 400 million dollars on Swath.

  • DEE

    kristen is a beautiful lady, but focusing on Rob too much, and trying to make something right is not going to work…….Start talking to your agent, and try to rebuild your career…..the impact of your momentary indiscretion has closed doors to you…..But it is up to you to make your agent work for you…..Whether you and rob have split, (true or not) I think you can do better…..kristen – you dont need a shrink to tell you that.. ROB HAS SPLIT FROM YOU…..YOU HAVE TO LET HIM GO AND WORK ON YOURSELF………IT IS AWFUL, BUT IT IS THE TRUTH…….WE FANS WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE AND DO SOME COMEDY….AND MEET OTHER PEOPLE INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON ROB ALL THE TIME AND HIS FRIENDS….. I HATE TO SAY IT…..IT SOUNDS YOU HAVE BECOME A STALKER AND A BIT OBSESSIVE ABOUT HIM…. GET OVER HIM……STOP TRYING TO GET HIM BACK……..


    • stupid

      She is not down to earth and no one except her 5 fans wants to see her. Everyone hates her acting and personality. She is crap

      • twilighter

        I can see why you call yourself stupid. And apparently you have problems with math as well. Everyone does not equate to you. Try adding six zeros to your 5, and you’ll probably be closer to the truth.

  • Boo

    If she is truly feeling like this maybe she’s finally realising that actions have consequences, that fame doesn’t equal talent and that if you treat people like crap they have the right to walk away. Time to grow up and stop acting like a spoilt brat.

    • twilighter

      Time for you to stop believeing everything you read in a tabloid.

    • Toby

      She treats people FANtastic!!!!! She’s great to us, chats us up over holidays,gives a damn about every little detail, every little problem….In response to you, your commentary is ass backwards.

  • twilighter

    The “cheating scandal” was staged. Read the Grand Punk series at

    • mary

      Oh please, just accept it. She cheated and SLEPT with the guy, a married guy. Shame on her and rob for taking her back even for a second.

      • twilighter

        Why don’t you look at the series and make an argument as to why it is wrong. I dare you. Otherwise you are just spouting off an opinion. And yeah right, everyone’s got one.

      • mary

        Do I have to explain to you what is wrong with cheating on your beloved boyfriend with a married man? Wow, get some help!

  • twilighter

    Yeah right, part of the highest grossing couple in Hollywood. A career really on the rocks. Got news for you, the cheating scandal was staged. Go to and read the Grand Punk. Facts and evidence trumps tabloid rumors and unidentified sources every time.

    • mary

      Can you tell me why they stage some negative publicity that makes everyone hate her? She must be out of her freaking mind to stage such a thing with a married man. Grow up.

  • hahahaha

    she’s obviously a completely co-dependent, insecure person.

    • ha ha

      She is cute.