Anderson Cooper to Quit CNN Over Ann Curry?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ANDERSON Cooper is not a happy chappy!

The silver-haired newsman has threatened to retire if Ann Curry replaces him at CNN.

“Anderson knows his days as a CNN anchor are numbered, and he’s spitting mad,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“They’ve talked to him about being a reporter at large , where he’d cover stories from hot zones and war areas around the world. He’s always loved doing that, but considers anything less than heading up CNN’s prime-time news coverage as a demotion.

“He’s saying he’d quit first. He sees Ann as a lightweight compared to him. He doesn’t think she’s got enough time in this field to make a great newswoman.

“Ann’s had a diminished role at NBC since she was booted from TODAY in June. So she can certainly sympathize with Anderson’s refusal to take a smaller role at CNN if she comes on board. But she knows from experience that TV news is a cutthroat game.”



  • Michael T

    When are people going to stop fawning over Ann Curry based on sympathy.

    Matt Lauer is clearly a smug self-centered scoundrel. But Ms. Curry and her lackluster personality were simply not right for the Today co-host part, even if she is a nice person and a good reporter. Same goes for Willie Geist by the way.


  • Lurker

    CNN thinks Ann Curry will get them ratings? She couldn’t get any on the Today Show, that’s why she was fired. How’s she going to get CNN any ratings?

  • Joanna McCarthy

    I am no longer going to watch Anderson Cooper on CNN, nor will I watch his talk show. Disappointed, because I really did like him. He used to be a nice guy, but has, over time, been getting meaner and meaner, especially to some of hi guests on his talk show.

  • BJ Nakamura

    Ann is an excellent journalist, as well as an anchor; she was there for only a year! Lauer had his own agenda and it backfired! If Anderson Cooper want to quit – then let him quit! Bottom line: it’s horrible the way people are treating each other: no civility!!! I say to get ride of Lauer & Cooper! Moreover, CNN renders false hope!
    It’s a dog eat dog circle; everyone thinking of themselves instead of others! Pathetic! Ann deserves much more than the way she’s being treated!

  • Nen

    It’s not base on sympathy, it’s base on knowledge. Ann has always had it unlike Matt and Anderson. Guys you were hired for your looks and looks can last so long.

  • Patrick Kelley

    He’s done himself in be coming out being GAY ! Its really not the Chic being Gay to get MERIT for it .