Britney Spears Used by Fiance?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BRITNEY Spears‘ fiance had been planning their split for quite some time.

Sources say Jason Trawick wanted out of his relationship with singer for quite some time, and was actually using Britney for money.

“He had been planning to break up with her for months,” says an insider.

“He was using her. He made a big deal for her to get a residence spot at Caesars in Las Vegas, then finally had enough money to end it.”

Previous reports claimed Spears wanted rid of Trawick because he wouldn’t have sex with her.

“Britney has always wanted a little girl and she hoped that Jason would be the man to make her life complete,” a source said.

“But in the past few months, their relationship has been spiraling downward.

“Britney kept pushing Jason to set a date for the wedding.

“But he just didn’t want to talk about it, telling her he was too busy working to set a date.

“She was so desperate to marry him she was even ready to elope. But the more Britney pushed for marriage, the more Jason pulled back.

“And their love life went straight down the tubes, although Britney did her best to seduce him. She’d try to provoke Jason to have sex at the worst times, while he was on a business call, in her ‘X Factor’ dressing room, and even in the car while being driven by a bodyguard.

“Despite Jason’s rejections, Britney never gave up. She thought she loved him and held out hope he was the man who could finally make her happy and give her more children.

“Finally, in a showdown, Jason yelled at her, ‘I don’t want to get married and I don’t want children!’ By that time it almost didn’t matter because they were already sleeping in separate bedrooms.

“Jason became her keeper, and being her lover fell by the wayside.

“But she was the star and wasn’t going to let him leave her. If anything, she was going to leave him. So through her publicist she got in first and announced their relationship was over.”




  • Anna

    What a loser this Travick, she was so fragile and he just used her, how pathetic of him.

    • NN

      who whould want to be in a relationship (or have a kid) with a very sick woman? think about it. jason needs a normal relationship with a normal, healthy woman. he is sick and tired of a BS freak show life.

      • Anna

        She is ill, noone says that she is not. But we thought he loved her, and we were all wrong.

  • Anna

    Travick is pathetic loser.

  • james edwin baker

    trawick was illegal conservator !!! !!

  • readers

    Just Jared’s SHAME!