Selena Gomez Wants to Date a Man After Bieber Split

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SELENA Gomez plans to date only sexy men following her split from teen signer Justin Bieber.

The actress is keen to get over the Baby hitmaker, so is getting straight back into the dating game.

“Selena is flirting with as many hot guys as she can right now,” a source said.

“Because she’s trying to get the last few years of her life back. Justin had money and fancy sh*t, but she’s hot as hell and wants to find a good guy.

“He was just a little boy and she needs a man, so yeah, she will go on a ton of dates and be happy and forget about Justin.”



  • RB

    Selena! HELLO!!! You have had your BFF’s Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift tell you how to mend your broken heart. You where with real men: Josh Hutcherson (20, caught dancing and flirting), Luke Bracey (23, holding hands), and now you where spotted with a mystery man in NY at your hotel, only to leave him behind in the car. You have had breakup songs. Is the Bieber fever that strong?? It looks like you’re standing on the bridge that you lit a match to, and is now on fire. Keep on going like you are, and you’ll be drowning in your own ‘Cry Me a River’, if not already, and Justin Bieber will have to pull you out.

  • mrsbieber

    this is just wrong to act like this im a belieber and always will be but what he does reflects on me

  • Kiki_13

    Doubt any of these stories are real no one knows what happened except for them