Matt Lauer’s Bosses Try and Fix His Image

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MATT Lauer‘s bosses at NBC have launched a new TODAY ad campaign in a bid to repair his tarnished public image.

However, the ad campaign — which features the co-anchor and Al Roker reminiscing about the past and is meant to convey the cast as one big happy family — isn’t working because viewers are still tuning out in droves.

“The crew is just left scratching their heads over the ad,” a source told RadarOnline.

“This is part of NBC’s great new plan to try and take back first place from Good Morning America, but it just isn’t working. GMA is still in first place and Robin Roberts is returning from her medical leave of absence in the next few weeks.

“Why focus the ad on Matt Lauer? This is the TODAY Show, not the Matt Lauer Show….the entire cast should be used for future ads. Willie Geist and Hoda Kotb are wildly popular, you have to remind the public why they should watch the show….not remind them of the one reason people aren’t, Matt Lauer!

“If NBC wants TODAY to be number one again the only thing that will get it done is to dump Matt Lauer. The staff recognizes this and if Matt is honest with himself, he should recognize that he is a liability to the show at this point. If Matt had any class he would quietly resign and move on. No one is counting on that happening anytime soon though.”