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Bradley Cooper in Gay Scandal?

Posted by Adam

BRADLEY Cooper is facing speculation about his sexuality.

The actor has been trying to outrun persistent rumors about his sexuality for years, despite having romanced A-list beauties including Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez and Zoe Saldana.

Rumors about Bradley’s sexuality started swirling when influential blogger Nikki Finke cracked that Bradley and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest needed to “redo their closets” – in­sinuating that it was time for them to come out as gay.

“The rumors about Bradley are swirling again,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“He’s been able to laugh them off in the past, but this latest one comes right when he’s on the verge of be­coming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and is campaigning for an Oscar.

“Now the floodgates have opened, and people in Hollywood are once again wondering, ‘Is he or isn’t he?’ Bradley believes the cruel rumor could damage his leading man sta­tus.

“Bradley always seems to be on the hunt for his next girlfriend.

“I’m sure he’d like to get married and finally put the questions about his sexuality to rest.”

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  • Adrian Anderson

    “I’m sure he’d like to get married and finally put the questions about his sexuality to rest.”

    Oh yes sure because we have never seen married men confess or be caught to be being gay right? Cruel rumors huh? What a dumb article. Is this what counts as gossip now?

  • 2y48c0lp

    Bradley Cooper is GAY! if you want the scoop scandal, James Lipton
    of the Actor’s Studio was his sugar daddy. There now you know! And stop
    acting like you’ve never heard of gays who sleep with women too: hello,
    Ricky Martin & the rest of them bisexuals (Elton John & co…) PROOVE that BEING GAY IS A CHOICE! Just really fed up with the gays and their denial. I have nothing against their choice of lifestyle but stop making the world play EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES! Why can’t you be gay if you CHOOSE to act all gay? It’s a free country. Stop lying, fess up and then we can support you but we can’t support moronic lies when gays act like victims just to get a free ride.

    As for Bradley Cooper, just look at him. And don’t give me that
    shiz, you can spot a gay man a mile away the same you can spot a Black
    man from a White one! You can know Richards Simmons is gay before he even opens his mouth, even if you only have a headshot and you’re not “psychic”. It’s been scientifically proven that you can spot who CHOOSES to act all gay! Google the studies they did by showing people pix, they all unmistakably spotted the gay! Some can manage to hide it for a photo, that’s why you look at a few more when in doubt and watch a video (body language) and there you go! The same you can tell a bad guy from a good guy when you watch a movie without them wearing a neon sign, and the same you can spot a problem bitch from a nice lady. It’s written all over them, on their faces, in their aura, in their body movements but most important IT’S IN THE THOUGHTS THEY THINK and you can’t cover that up 100% of the time. That’s easily readable, the same you can read an actor’s thoughts or a serial killers or your mom & dad’s. If you’re too stupid to think that can’t be done, then sweetheart, I guess you’re the next murder victim and your spouse is cheating on you. How’s denial and living in lalaland working for ya?!

    Now go investigate the James Lipton gay affair with Bradley Cooper!

    • Bud

      No, being gay is not a choice. Get over yourself.

    • Lee

      Wow you’re the most impractical, stereotypical person ever. You think it’s a choice to be gay? Well then I chose to be black, or I chose to be a woman. It’s about the same. You can’t control who you love it’s in your emotions. There is plenty of gay people who aren’t flamboyant who you would never even guess is gay. It’s because this society is so particular in your choice of love people keep it secret. Even if he was gay, it’s smart of him to hide it to be away from egotist al southern americans like you. Let people love who they want and stop caring so much you have to make three paragraph blog comments on how people choose to be the way their born. I’m not gay and I can honestly say, who cares if he is or isnt? Now why dont you write a comment on how he chose to be white. ;)

    • Andy

      I completely agree. Homosexuality is largely a choice. Sure, some may be “predisposed” to it, just like some are predisposed to drinking alcohol or doing drugs or some other vice. But in the end, you make choices in life.

      • Bebebe

        When did you choose to be straight Andy?

      • Michael Aymard

        Andy, you certainly chose to be an ignorant moron !

      • Molly

        Spoken like a true bisexual Andy. I’ve yet to meet any straight man who says “yes, I personally can kill off all sexual feelings for women and start finding other men sexually attractive, that’s a choice available to me personally”. No straight man would ever say that, yet you are claiming to have that choice. Your statement says a lot more about your own sexuality than it does about gays, you are bisexual.

      • Michael Aymard

        Or a closet case who can’t deal with his sexual feelings ..

      • Nealbo

        And I suppose you chose to be straight. Of course, I’m only assuming you are straight. I could be wrong.

      • Michael Aymard

        He’s not straight, he’s twisted ..

      • Michael Aymard

        Andy, you chose to be an ass hole !

    • Nealbo

      Nice rant. Too bad you weren’t a little more informed and a lot less bigoted.

    • Maria Stringer

      Lordy 2y, but you are brain dead! Which race do you belong to??? LOL

    • Michael Aymard

      2y48c0lp, wous etes un troue du cul ! Translation: 2y48c0lp, you’re an ass hole !

    • J. Sco

      Being gay is not a choice. COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET is a choice. There’s a difference.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    Hello, Bradley Cooper already has been marred to the actress Jennifer Eposito remember? Jennifer dumped Bradley because she caught him in bed with another man! Cooper’s marriage to Eposito was short and brief. According to the website Blind Gossip apparently, Bradley is now having sex with Leonardo Dicaprio that’s right Leo isn’t straight either.

    • Bud

      I would think Bradley Cooper would have better taste than to bed DiCaprio. Leo gives me the creep;s.

      • Moby Dick

        Leo has nice eyes and charm though.

    • anna

      that’s the stupidest thing ever why u guys think every hot celebrity is gay : bradly , brad pitt , leonardo , harry styles, zayn malik like WTF

      • J. Sco

        Because, Anna. Most of the dudes ARE gay. Put two and two together. It’s not that hard. Often changing “girlfriends?” Not together for long? Just like being single? (yeah, right)…Guys in Hollywood (especially big names) stay closeted because they have a brand/movies to protect. It all comes down to money. They have to have you keep thinking they’re not gay so you’ll buy into their straight guy characters.

    • Hurricane

      And you read that in what gossip paper? ;-)

  • Charles

    I saw him on the Today show this morning and he had a wedding band on his right ring finger. This is how the gay community usually wears them…..


      it is the wedding band of his father

      • Hera

        Yeah, his sugar daddy!

  • Joudas Priest

    There’s nothing more delightfult to find that the husband cheats on his wife with another man!!! LOVELY

    • J. Sco

      Happens all the time. Dudes are just too cowardly to admit it, and Hollywood guys have to protect the studios’ budgets.

  • Steven Lowe

    Most prob unfounded as per with these kinds of things, but maybe not? However I do object to the term ‘cruel rumors’, there are waaay worse things a person can be called. Hollywood needs to wake up!!!!!!

  • lillyjones

    This is insane to me. Of course he is gay. So is Clooney, DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhall, Cruise, Travolta and so on and so. This deviant career choice attracts the weirdos. A bunch of lesbians, too. And if you happen to be straight (very rare), you are indeed a pedophile, into bestiality or hanging yourself from a belt tied to your genitals while you hang in your closet. It is truly a shame that Hollowood rules the world and manipulates everybody into thinking their way and worse yet, they get to vote in the president. Pretty scary. They should all be in therapy. And they do all of this deceit and manipulation for fortune, fame and power. They all come from unloving, twisted broken homes.

    • Anonymouse

      Your generalizations are incorrect. And NO, Clooney is NOT. And NO, Clooney DOES NOT come from a broken home… in fact quite the opposite. I grew up with him. He is a good guy and is long past being upset about women who are anxious to get married to him, not because they love him, but because he is “George Clooney” the rich actor guy. If he were the county librarian, Melvin Snodgrass and looked EXACTLY the same, would any of these beaches give him the time of day? NOT! I say take your bitter-rejected-old-hag attitude and stuff it where the sun don’t shine. Men who don’t find YOU attractive aren’t gay… they prefer something a whole lot better than YOU!

      • Amelia

        George Clooney you must get off the computer and defending your gay assss. Now go back to bed with Leo.

    • Michael Aymard

      Yea, but the world would be a boring place if we didn’t have the entertainment Hollywood provides ..

  • anna

    he’s totally not gay ;now every hot celebrity is gay if we follow gossips

    • Michael Aymard

      Face it, Rock Hudson was sooo straight ..

  • Harriet

    Cooper is gayyyy and likes it in the pooper.