Doris Day is Dying?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

DORIS Day is nearing the end!

According to a report from America’s Globe magazine, the movie star is courageously battling a painful, crippling illness.

In a new interview, the 90-year-old star’s former aide who reveals Doris’ lonely last days — and the surprise recipients he says will get her vast $34 million fortune.

Biographer David Kaufman once revealed that Day insists friends call her Clara and avoid all talk about her image as America’s sweetheart.

“She feels so completely disassociated from who Doris Day was,” he said back in 2008.

“She signs her notes as Clara, she answers the phone as Clara.”

Kaufman claims Clara is a nickname she was given by her Tea For Two co-star Billy DeWolfe. Day’s birth name is Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff.[imagebrowser id=1038]


  • Jim

    This article from the Globe is BS! Doris is a friend and I recently spoke with her. She is fine…she is NOT dying…she does not just go by Clara…she does plenty of interviews and people call her Doris.

    • M

      You don’t know her at all!!! Stop lying LOSER!!!!

      • Jim Martinez

        Please read my reply below.

      • Jim Martinez

        Lying? Loser?? Riiiggghhtttt…..

    • Norma Busha

      I am so glad! I just love her to pieces!

  • Jim

    Please remove this stupid article. The Globe has lied about her for years. Just Google it & you’ll see.

  • Jim Martinez

    —Jim Martinez,
    Steinway Artist

    “Jim, thanks for the tribute” Doris Day

  • Rudy Goff

    She’s 88, not 90. If they can’t get her age right why assume anything else in the article is correct.

    • Jim Martinez

      She actually is 90 years old. The U.S. Census proves it. Go to and check 1930 and 1940 Census from Cincinnati.

      • Jim Martinez

        When we performed for her birthday party a couple years ago, I told this to the Carmel newspaper. They put it on the front page (yikes!) But I spoke with Doris’ manager and he said Doris got a kick out of it and had no problem with my actions.

      • Marcus

        How did you meet her or did you meet her at the birthday party?

    • Jim Martinez

      Rudy, if you still think she is 88 (about to be 89), here is the 1940 census. Doris was 18, which makes her born in 1922. She will be 91 tomorrow. See also the 1930 census below that I posted. Just trying to keep history facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    If there was ever a celebrity that I’d write a fan letter to, it would be Doris Day. She puts the ‘L’ in Lovely. on stage or off.

  • Star

    She is 88.

    • Jim Martinez

      She’s 90. Sorry.

      • andyvanm

        She was not yet Doris Day in 1930 or 1940 she was a still Kappelhoff .

      • Jim Martinez

        Andy, I don’t get your point. If you look at the census report, she is clearly listed there under Kappelhoff.

      • Jim Martinez

        Line 17

    • Jim Martinez

      Star, see my zoomed-in post above with the 1940 census. You can Google it to confirm. Fact is fact.

      • Alex kessie

        Andy I love your website!!! By the way – I would normally say don’t waste your breath on stupid people who believe the gossip mags, but then I wouldn’t have been able to scroll down and see your post! So you’ve cleared up some lies for the better half of us anyhow :) Thanks x

  • Elmo

    True or not, this article is irrelevant and stupid. Get the fuck rid of it, and if you think I’m being rude, then PLEASE get the fuck rid of it.

  • cammay

    Man I always loved Doris Day..i think I was the only 11yr old black girl in Detroit, mi that would come in from outside to watch any Doris Day movie. 35 not the type that gets all star struck, but I think I would with Ms. Day. .

    • Pamela D Williams-Lacy

      I feel you because I felt that way too about DD.

  • jfan

    Doris, wherever you are, whatever you do, thank you for the movies, thank you for the beautiful songs, thank you in the most profound meaning. Love you and wish you well whatever the truth is. Now, a lot of your fans will send you their best energy and now you will know it….lots of love….

  • Jen

    Such lies! She leaves such a legacy behind. Don’t drag her name through the dirt. Have some respect!

  • Joy Stolton

    I live in the Uk and have loved Doris Day all my life just like to thank her for all the joy she has brought into my life with all her wonderful films.
    I have just watch Calamity Jane on sky tv and I think I must of seen it a hundred times now it off by heart, I will love you for ever wishing you all the love in world
    God bess , Joy Stolton xxxxxxxxxx

  • sweetbaldy

    i think we should believe what we see not what we hear . i think she is beautiful and how i wish i had been born in her time . because i would have made her so happy with smiles forever . love you darling miss day xxx

  • Jenny Hickmott

    I love Doris Day she is so amazing I’m glad this article is bs because I almost cried when I saw it in the grocery store!! Keep holding Doris we all believe in you. “Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be the future not our to see Que Sera Sera:) Love you Ms. Day it’s a shame you never had forever with ones you loved!!;) Keep making us all smile with your million watt smile. Your biggest fan XXXX Jenny

  • Little Bit of Hell

    Articles like this are disgusting. Hope the people that make money off this crap
    receive their “karmic reward” soon. Just cause you can print something doesn’t mean you have to do it. How’d you feel if this was your mother, grandmother, or friend? She’s done nothing to you- leave her alone.

  • DeeDee

    G”Day to all from down under. Just want to say I’m 49 yrs. wife of 29 yrs. and mother to two gorgeous daughters, who’ve grown up with their mother singing Doris Day songs, watching her movies. And when I was 14 yrs. I wrote an article to our Australian TV week magazine, addressed to Australian film critic Mr Collins. Desperately seeking a reply to my letter regarding Doris Day, Weeks later finally came in the form of front page article of the next months issue. Ive grown up, with humble beginnings, on a dairy farm here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, been a devoted fan, the first time watching a movie, on our little black and white TV many years ago. Ms Day, I love and adore you, and wish you Gods blessings, and thank you sincerely for your story telling, not only in movies, but in song.xxxx Delwyn Hallett Aussie fan.

  • andyvanm Doris Day speaks about this nonsense on her website to put us at ease she is fine and dandy and sounds like springtime as usual .

  • Diane Stein

    Doris Day, you were my favorite actress as a little girl. I went to see “Move Over Darling” (at age 9), at least 10 times. I now bought the movie and have told my kids about it. Thank you, for me, wanting to be you!!

    • Debbie Hall

      Me too, She was my movie idol and she taught me a lot watching her movies, What a wonderful person and actor. I would love to meet her, what a thrill that would be! I always wish her blessings and joy!


    I wish todays celebs had your class…you show them how to do it Ms. Day. I will always be a fan.

  • Tom Stansbury

    About 5 years ago I sent her a fan letter on her birthday (which is the day before mine) addressed to her at the hotel she owns in Carmel. I had no idea whether she’d get it, much less whether she would respond.
    Well, about 5 months later arrives in the mail a large hand-addressed envelope with an 8×10 color photo signed love Doris Day. I couldn’t believe it!
    The reason I wrote in the first place is that we bought a mid-century home in Palm Springs and it still had the original all yellow bathroom, beautiful yellow fixtures and perfect yellow shower tiles. My first comment when we initially looked at the house was “Wow, this looks like a Doris Day bathroom.” So I thought she might get a kick out of the fact that we then named it the Doris Day bathroom. She loved it!
    We put her autographed photo up on the wall in the adjoining bedroom and now it is the “Doris Day Suite”.

    • Flight Boy


      Just an interesting story for a Doris Day fan. I lived in Los Angeles in the 1970′s. Before I moved into my house I rented a room in a Beverly Hills hotel for the amazing weekly rate of $ 45.– (YES WEEKLY!!! FORTY FIVE $, LOL!!!)
      Anyway, the story goes as follows. I was having a scoop of ice cream at the sit down counter of a local ice cream parlor next to a lady with BIG sunglasses, her head rapped up in a veil. I noticed she had dropped a glove on the floor and I picked it up to give it back to her. I remarked jokingly, “Usually Ladies drop a handkerchief if they want a guys attention” The lady laughed, and we started up a conversation. I told her I lived in this hotel on Crescent drive for the amazing rate of just $ 45.– per week, which seemed to amuse her. We got to talk about my new job as an investment banker and she mentioned she was in the entertainment industry. Keep in mind I was only 19 at the time and I knew Doris Day as a singer and actress, however, I did not recognize her because of her “disguise”. Apparently she felt more comfortable at one point and took her glasses of and I recognized her almost immediately. I introduced my self. She jokingly did the same, and said, “No autographs” and laughed. We talked a little more and then she left. (I found out years later she owned a house on Crescent drive, maybe that’s the reason she was amused by the fact that I rented this cheap hotel room on the same street at the time

  • Debbie Hall

    She to me is the epitome of a lady and is a wonderful, caring beautiful person both inside and out. The good she has given to the animal kingdom is totally selfless and continues. the laughter and entertainment she has given to me, my parents and family is uplifting and memorable:) She is a true treasure!
    .Happy Birthday pretty and sweet lady, Doris, Clara. We love you and wish you good health and joy!

  • Elmo

    Everyone, I googled it, she is 90. But she was very beautiful when she was young.

  • Francis

    I grew up in Guyana, (the former British Guiana) in South America – and I can tell you that Doris Day was a big favourite with both young an old cinema-goers as well as radio listeners. Her records dominated the local radio from the 1950s right through to the 1980s. My favourite Doris Day movie is “Calamity Jane”. My favourite Doris Day song is “Que Sera Sera”. I’m not in the least bothered whether she is 88 or 90, as long as she is still alive, healthy and enjoying life.

  • Kathleen F. Gray

    I have always loved Ms. Day. I’m a grandmother of 7 and everyone knows how big of a fan I have always been. I watch one of her movies every night. I’ve probably watched Pillow talk well over a hundred times. Ms. Day movies are so relaxing to me. I admire her more than any other woman for her beauty,sweet wholesomeness and compassion for animals. I donate to the no kill shelter here in Indiana and know how important it is to take care of Gods gentle creatures. Of all the people past or present I would love to talk to, you are definitely at the top of my list. Stay well and bless you for all the smiles you have provided me.

  • cutty

    what is with this census thing cannot even read the stupid thing!!!!!!!!!!
    census has nothing to do with bdays!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loraine Widmark

    Doris, I have always loved you–in all your movies—I grew up with you and have beautiful pics that I cut out of magazines when I was growing up–I would love to meet you— that has been my life long dream–Richard Widmark was my husbands uncle Please E-mail me My name is Loraine Widmark and I live in Mill Valley, Ca.

  • Bens Cougar

    Ha Ha ! Doris just made a 3 hour interview with Nancy Sinatra for the Sirius Satellite Network. She is in great health and thanks everyone for there good wishes. Hear the interview June 23, 2013 and all week.

  • Duffy Odum

    LIES! She’s on Sirius radio now, six months later, with Nancy Sinatra. She sounds great.

  • peter H

    In 1960 when I emigrated to the US from Germany, my American dream was to meet Doris Day………too bad it did not happen………..loved her voice and movies

  • Anonymous

    Connie from The Four Lads used to tell stories about recording with Ms. Day. He said she was one tough cookie… knew what she wanted and didn’t settle for less. He thought she was great and just a tough “broad”… in the good way!

  • Seven

    Your son was a Drug Dealer you know it Doris. The Police know as well. How do you like that investigation that they did.

  • Seven

    Doris your son Terry Melcher was a Drug Dealer. You know it and you were in on it too Doris..How did you like that Police Investigation

  • esther

    doris day is one of the great stars and i love her films and songs and that she defends animals .i hope her family are looking after her.

  • Walter

    so glad Doris is doing well, loved watching her in movies!

  • Paul Douglas

    Paul Douglas – Lifelong Fan.

  • Marilyn

    Don’t lie that’s cruel!