Jeremy Renner Moves in Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Thursday, January 24, 2013

JEREMY Renner is living with his baby mama!

The actor, 42, is apparently staying under the same roof with both his close pal Griffin Hadley and his pregnant ex-girl­friend Sonni Pacheco.

Jeremy met Son, 22, on the Vancouver set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where she was working as a stand-in.

“When Jeremy returned to Vancouver to film The Bourne Legacy, they hooked up again and started staying together at the same hotel,” a source said.

“Jeremy is delighted he’s going to become a dad. He realizes it’s unconventional to have his baby mama, an ex-girlfriend, living with him and his roommate, but he just doesn’t care.

“There have been whispers about him being gay or bisexual for years. But he says those rumors are just a sign of him having made it in Holly­wood.

“He’s very supportive and makes sure she has everything she needs.”

Jeremy is single and has often spo­ken about being lonely. In late 2011, he bought a French bulldog named Franklin to keep him company, but tragedy struck when the puppy passed away last March.

“Jeremy was devastated when Franklin died unexpectedly,” said the source. “But now he can’t wait to be­come a dad.”


  • Mindy Saini

    Ahem. It isn’t true.

    Firstly, he’s having a new baby sibling. It’s a well-known fact that Lee Renner (his father) and Lisa (his father’s wife) are expecting their child next month or so. You want proof? Watch the end of this interview where he states it:

    Secondly, Jeremy will be flying OVER to see his Dad and step-mom Lisa when she gives to give birth so he can see his new baby sibling.

    Thirdly, the only reason Eva was shocked at the news was because at 42 years of age, Jeremy is still having more siblings.

    This girl, Sonni? She isn’t pregnant. Recent photos of her PROVE that she isn’t pregnant. The last photo with Jeremy was around August last year, which would have made her, what? 4 to 5 months pregnant? She’s definitely not showing and that means she isn’t pregnant and the media is blowing everything out of proportion as usual.

    Please, as a gossip site, have MORE respect for Jeremy and stop writing crap and lies about him which obviously aren’t true.

    If you learn how to get actual evidence (instead of overhearing conversations with no proof), watch his interviews closely. He’s having a baby sibling soon. That’s what he was and was always referring to.

    I laugh at anyone who believes these lies without knowing the actual truth. All media make things up as usual and your ‘sources’, are invisible people disguised as ‘so called friends’. I feel embarrassed for you ‘gossip sites’. You’ve all made a fool of yourselves.

    • Dee-lite-full

      Mindi – thankfully someone with a bit of sense! Funny how the “source” didn’t actually hear JR saying the words “I’m going to be a dad” or even “I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant” all they supposely heard was that he was going to fly in when her waters break!!!! No way is that girl Sonni 3 months pregnant in those photos from last august! I’m sure he must be having a great laugh at all this!
      “IF” it is true then I think he should be applauded for looking after her and making sure she has what she needs and I’m sure he will be a wonderful dad. But how come no photos of her pregnant?? How could he have kept this secret for so long?? Again that’s “if” it’s true.
      For those saying on other forums about why didn’t he use a condom etc well HEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOO!! Condoms aren’t that reliable! I wouldn’t have my 2 week old son now if they were lol!!!!!!
      And if JR is supposed to be gay… eh didn’t he date that Jess girl for like 5 years and it only ended a few years ago? Considering what he said about her after the break up you would think that she would come out and say that yes he’s gay or that their relationship was a farce etc if he was actually gay??
      And I thought he was living with his friend Kristoffer Winters not this other Hadley guy?? I’m sure his house is big enough to accomodate all 3 of them anyway……..

      • Mindy Saini

        Exactly,right! Even with my proven evidence, I was still called ‘no wonder the ugliest are always the loudest’. Riigggght. People talk so much shit when the truth is right there in front of them and explodes in denial.
        Hmmm…I hope my evidence and reasoning is spread around so mindless people don’t believe the crap these sites put up. I’m sure Jeremy is in fact well aware of this situation and is, like you said, laughing at the rumour mill as we are.

    • Filmchick

      She IS indeed pregnant, it’s Sonni Pacheco, her modeling agency outted her and she is the Mom.

      • LuckyGal

        And of course that means he’s the father….this whole story smells to high heaven!!! It’s so all over the place that one could get lost changing the page!

    • Filmchick

      I understand you worked on the Aussie tour but alot has gone on since then, and his life he does want private. But just because he wants it private, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Find out in April.

    • Tara

      well when he said he was going to be a big brother it came out in 2011 and its been over a year and no ones pegnant that long!

  • R squared

    His dad had a bab (Theo) a few months ago

    • Dee-lite-full

      *heavy sigh* no he was born about 2 years ago now, his wife (Jeremy’s stepmum) is expecting a second baby in the next few weeks.

  • Elmo

    What you all have disproven in 3 paragraphs I can disprove in one sentence: this ain’t true because who would move in their EX girlfriend? DUH!