Jennifer Lopez Learning From Her Twins!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

JENNIFER Lopez says her twins taught her the differences between men and women.

The former American Idol judge — who has four-year-old Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony — says observing how her kids tackle situations has shown her how the sexes handle scenarios in very different ways.

“I’ve learned so much about the differences between men and women by having boy and girl twins,” she said.

“I think women go under the illusion that men have the same feelings we do, or operate in the same way and we really don’t.

“I think women tend to think through to the point where they almost over-think, whereas men just battle on ahead and deal with the consequences later.”

Jennifer says the differences were particularly apparent when her kids first learned to walk and were getting to grips with using stairs.

“I saw this in the way my twins learnt to walk down stairs. My son just ran at them full tilt, fell, picked himself up, ran at them again — and after he’d fallen 12 times, he got it,” she said.

“My daughter literally took one toe, touched the first step, took it back, touched it down again. She never did fall down, but it took her two weeks longer to figure out how to do it.”


  • Mommieshome

    I had a son. Then when I had my daughter, I felt the same way. I use to think that we taught girls to be girls and boys to be boys. I learned that that is not true when my daughter was born. My daughter was so different. I also have boy/boy fraternal twins. Girls are just naturally girly.

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