John Krasinski: ‘The Office Cast Didn’t Get Arrogant’

Friday, January 25, 2013

JOHN Krasinski insists he and his costars on The Office never got too big for their boots — even when they managed to create great movie careers.

“I don’t think I ever felt a moment of anybody feeling like it was an opportunity for bigger things, that if bigger things came, great, and we would all fully support it,” John explained.

“But to come back was the real treat and the real goal, and I’ve felt more honored to be a part of this show than anything else I’ve done, and I feel like that’s the way the producers and the studio’s been the whole time.

“NBC and the producers have really acknowledged that we want to try new things, and so when there’s little overlaps here, like weeks, they do everything they can to make it happen.

“For the most part, it worked out really well because we’re willing to make it work on our end, too, and come shoot two days and fly back to different places or whatever. This is something that you make a priority, period.”