Anne Hathaway Planning Oscars Speech?!?!

Friday, January 25, 2013

ANNE Hathaway is very sure of herself!

According to a new report, the actress — who got groans for feigning overwhelming emotion during her Golden Globes acceptance speech for her role in Les Misérables — is “planning another cringeworthy monologue for the Oscars.”

“Anne is so sure she will win that she is planning another visceral monologue for the Oscars. She is working with a team of writers to develop a worthy speech as her last. She has also recently turned her NYC pad into her rehearsal stage,” a source said.

“If she doesn’t win for Best Supporting Actress, it’ll take all her acting skills to hide her disappointment.

“She is obsessing over every other aspect of the big night, turning her NYC pad into an Oscar rehearsal center. Anne’s dedicated three rooms for fittings, makeup tests and to practice her red carpet interviews.”



  • kash

    who the hell she think she is this woman? Trying to much to get on a level of acting that she will never get. People gives her to much attention. she looks like an ungly horse!

  • JD527

    Um, aren’t they SUPPOSED to have something prepared in the event they do win? Otherwise, they’ll be so stunned that they’ll just bumble like idiots. As for that last part, I highly doubt it is that extreme.

  • Elmo

    What if I told you that Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried deserve more credit for les Mis than Anne Hathaway?

  • Anonymous

    My reaction to your hateful article is a big fat SO WHAT? Anne put a lot of effort in her performance and it’s just natural she wants to win. And if she goes for the extra prep to ensure Oscar night goes smoothly for her, more power to her.

    What is it any of your business? Does she hurt you or others by doing that?