Miley Cyrus’ Fiance Bans Her From Getting More Dogs

Friday, January 25, 2013

MILEY Cyrus‘ fiance is fed up with all her dogs!

Liam Hemsworth hates that Miley has so many pooches — 5 to be exact — and has forbidden her from adopting any more.

“Liam is up to his eyeballs in animal fur,” a source said. “He complains to friends that Miley’s obsession with taking in rescue dogs is driving him crazy and causing problems in their relationship.

“After Miley brought home the latest adoptee, a Chihuahua mix named Bean, Liam yelled, ‘Enough with the pups!’ He then barred Miley from rescuing any more dogs without his consent.

“Liam was so disturbed by Ziggy’s attack he’s now pressuring Miley to give some of their dogs away, either to her best friend or her parents.

“Miley is pleading with Liam to leave their furry family intact, but so far he’s standing firm.”

Recent reports claimed Miley is using Liam for attention.

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  • Fangirl Grunge

    Where’s the source , wait you don’t have a source

  • JazzyH

    omfg Liam is like controlling her -_-
    ( if its true)

  • M355

    It raises the suspicion that she has a pet hoarding problem.

  • kitt

    liam and miley was perfect match!