Jennifer Aniston Hated by Kristen Stewart (REPORT)

Friday, January 25, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1137] KRISTEN Stewart HATES Jennifer Aniston!

The Twilight star thinks Aniston only has such a successful career because Brad Pitt cheated on the Friends star with Angelina Jolie.

“Kristen’s always been a big fan of Angelina Jolie and has never really rated Jennifer Aniston as an actress. She can’t understand why Jen manages to hog the headlines every time with very little effort,” a source said.

“She’s not that talented as an actress, not is she the most beautiful. Kristen believes if it wasn’t for her bitter rivalry with Angelina, Jen would NOT be this famous these days at all.”

Meanwhile, sources say Kristen is worried about her career following her split from boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

The actress famously cheated on Rob with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Rob and Kristen rekindled their romance following the cheating scandal, but are now said to have split once again.

“Kristen’s feeling very sorry for herself,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She knows she’s lost a lot of respect after what happened, but with the awards under way it’s just hit her how much her leading lady status has plummeted.

“She knew there would be a backlash from her cheating scandal, but she hoped the fact that Rob took her back might have placated a few people.

“Obviously that’s not been the case as there has been a certain cooling towards her now that the dust has settled. The scripts have definitely slowed down in land on her doorstep. and even the Snow White sequel’s still in negotiations. She’s in a real state about it. She’s in a really dark place at the moment.”


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  • jilly

    Jen was famous way before Brad comes to the picture. Kristen don’t mess with Jen here. You know what happens with Jen haters on this site, don’t go there…

    • ▲ Joe DiMaggio ▲

      Seriously stop being such a dyke. Loser.

  • Toby

    Look this story is bull! She may or may not be a big fan, but she does NOT hate anyone!! She saw some hate recently, and it’s hurtful, and scarry, she does NOT hate!

    • jilly

      This is probably a made up story. She could love Angie all she wants but there is no need to hate Jen. As we all know, JEN ROCKS!!! Hi Toby :)

      • Toby

        Yeah Jilly, my guess is she likes Jenn. Remember, Adam is only as good as his sources.They are separated right now, Robert is busting balls on his new project in Australia. He is happy, and working long hous, trying to catch up on sleep.She is fine with that, being patient for the long run.They are in love, and long term, they will close the deal…

      • Pincher

        Yeah and remember that married man she was hooking up is soon te be single again …
        Jen is a wonderful comedy actress and I have seen her in something serious – and real good at it aswell. Just love her.

      • jilly

        Yes, unfortunately they filed for divorce. A home with two kids is broken due to wrong actions. Leberty tried to save her marriage with that pervert Rupert but it didn’t go so well and now they are divorcing. I’m sure that hurts Rob as well.

      • Sam Ston

        The only people who think Jen “rocks” are ugly lesbians like jilly over here. Because Jennifer A is talentless and ugly, all these ugly fangirls wanna think they too can snag a Brad Pitt. And they get mad at Angelina Jolie for being a smart, beautiful & sexy woman who TOOK ["stole"] BP away. Wake up ladies! You think a hunk of man like Brad is gonna stay for some dried up talentless hack of a prune like JA?

        Stop living in your fantasies. Just because you are all better looking than Jen doesn’t mean you get to feel like the pretty girls at the prom silently cheering on the ugly horseface in the misguided notion that you can do EVEN better than her. Stop being mean little ladies.

      • alive

        its obviously fake u dumba$$

    • really?

      once again “toby” YOU know this how?

      • Toby

        I can’t and won’t say,confidential. I do know, and she’s an amazing young lady.

      • jilly

        I say Toby might be right. Rob doesn’t want to worry about her while working and they need some time apart to think. I wish them luck.

      • Teddy Salad

        Toby often has the story before others. There should definitely be a Toby Blog!

  • robert

    A hard working tongue.
    It’s exactly for Directors a$$.

    • regina

      absolutely empty eyes

      • Sam Ston

        I would rather watch Kristens delightful tongue for 3 days straight then watch Jennifer Aniston act for 1.5 hours. And I would MUCH rather interact with KS than JA ANY day of the week. Jennifer A is an ugly horseface with no talent.

    • alive

      your a fhaggit, i bet u get fycked every night in the asss and suck ur daddy’s sorry excuse of a dhick.


    She is ready to say EVERYTHING Jolie will love to hear.
    Of course.

    • jilly

      I don’t know what Jolie is able to do for her since her own career is down the toilet. Kristen, please make sure not to be in a movie that Jolie is Directing, you never know…

      • mary

        Kristen is a lesbian already.

      • rose

        Jolie too. Life is good :)

      • mary

        They belong to each other! Life is great :)

      • CL.GARRY :)

        Nice to talk to you mary! :)

      • jilly

        Nice to see some people with good sense about Jolie. :)

      • alive

        ur pathetic.

      • Anonymous

        She and Jolie are Home Wreckers and evils.

      • alive

        and you belong in hell.

      • k

        Such negativity! You must really be unhappy with yourself to talk such crap about others.

      • alive

        surprisingly…ur actually right about that .__,

  • angie

    Oh she is so ugly! Just look at ears!

    • alive

      you should go back to learning English before you insult someone.

  • Jack

    Robert will find a better doll.

  • lisa

    It’s necessary to wash the hair sometimes…

  • X type leg


  • tricia

    No breast… He-he :)

  • vomit

    Hair in the nose
    U G L Y

    • mary

      That’s because she had a nose surgery. The hair still grows out but less nose is there to cover, FUNNY.

      • sandy smile

        I can imagine the result of surgery on her boobs :)
        (she will shave shoulders and ears)

      • mary

        No, I’m serious about the nose job. The hair is used to grow to a certain point but part of the nose is gone. That’s why you see her nose hair.

      • God Blessing

        I’m serious too: she needs a surgery on the boobs. She could use this nose part to make the nipples. She needs it.
        I know why she hates on JA. :)

      • alive

        ur disgusting i hope satan drags u down to hell.

    • alive

      omg. ur stupid as FYCK! EVERYONE has nose hair u dumba$$ stop trying to make it sound like it aint normal.shes a fucking human being just like anyone ELSE. u guys fycking look for every little thing u can fycking criticize her about, if shes so ugly then get the fyck off her photos, u sad ***.

    • alive


  • clarissa vulvort

    Oh I see Directors pen is

  • mary

    I’m glad Rob finally came to his senses and dumped this cheating girl. He deserves better and will have better.

  • nora snow

    Jolie loves horses… So what? There are many animals…

  • Karen

    Leave her alone, she is in pain as it is.

  • r patz

    I like Kristen, but she is fugly. Just a little.

  • 123

    You all are fools!
    Rob cheated on KS, long before she did on him.
    She forgave him. You all are clueless!
    rob has alot of skeltons in his dark closet.
    When that door opens one day. You all will be WOW OMG poor kristen.

    • mary

      Sure, keep telling yourself that. None of these celebrities can cheat without getting caught. They have hundreds of eyes following every move. The stupid ones think that they can cheat and get away with it.

      • alive

        I can not believe your stupidity lol! Don’t assume shit if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

    • feel the difference

      He did that honestly: for pleasure. She did it to keep the job.

  • Bud

    this is the biggist bunch of bull s*** its pitiful the way these web sites put this junk on to get people to read it what a waste of time

  • Ughh!!

    No doubt! after all she follow some of Angelina’s footsteps like hooking up with a married man..or perhaps she is mad Justin Theroux did not give him another time of day after flirting with him?

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  • heyya!

    This girl really has no room to talk. Kristen is one of the worst “actresses” out there.I’d watch Jen any day over her. And as for her liking Anjelina Jolie so much, well, i guess whores stick together!

    • alive

      shut up. ur being deluded by these stupid lies that these people are shoving down your throat. my fucking god, how can people NOT REALIZE THAT THIS ISN’T TRUE!!!! its all a freakin set up ughh!!!!!

  • Elmo

    Does anybody really give a shit about this?

  • fake face

    Angelina Jolie:
    Nose job (Rhinoplasty), Chin Implants, Lip Augmentation

    • horror lover

      Kriste needs a surgery too.
      Her ears – it’s something.
      And she wears gooood :)

      • ▲ Joe DiMaggio ▲

        The only reason all of you are talking about surgery for the other two is because they are universally appreciated as beautiful.

        Whereas everyone knows with horseface Jen it don’t matter how much plastic surgery [or otherwise] she gets. That mare ain’t turning into a pretty little pony.

    • kristen mom

      very cute

    • k

      The only surgery that she may have had is a nose job. Its speculation but we don’t know for sure. The other things you mentioned are completely untrue. Her face has matured like everyone who gets older. The features you speak of she has had since she was a child, the lips and chin, so I’m not sure what you see but its untrue.

    • alive

      what are you trying to prove? you sound stupid.

  • Jessie Ong

    its not a surprise at all because like her idol, she hook up with a married man.

  • fan

    Angie style

  • jeff almighty


  • Anonymous

    She and Jolie are terrible people. I do not watch their movies.

  • kwood

    Oh please! Angelina Jolie is an amazing human being. She does so much for so many children around the world and she’s an incredible actress. As far as Jennifer Aniston goes, she’s just your average kind of girl, all around. I’m not hating on her at all, she’s fine but for all of you people who are calling Angelina’s incredibly low and completely unfounded. Whether or not Brad cheated while he was with Jennifer is unclear as their relationship was already heading for divorce for some time. Brad wanted kids and she did not. Nonetheless, that was years ago and they have really made a great life together with all of their children and charities around the world. They are good people. So, get on with life people and stop turning your noses down on others.

    • jilly

      You’re on the wrong site kwood. There is Just Jared who is OWNED by Jolie the HO. Go and give your delusional opinion about her on that site. Great woman, may ass….

      • Rayban

        Get lost Jilly you monkey. Go make your Anistonopolous shrine elsewhere you Jennifer worshipping idiot. Angelina is ten times the actress and one hundred times the human being that Jen can ever hope to be. Tell your worthless talentless barren sister Jennifer I said hello. Seems like she can’t keep a man anyway so what does it matter hey?

      • jilly

        Shut up idiot. Why don’t you check something a little more recent loser?

    • micah brew

      you’re right kwood. i don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. obviously, pitt and aniston did not need to be marry if he is in love with someone else. you cannot steal anyone unless they want to go with you. plain and simple. aniston is an ok actress and jolie is very good and could be great. pitt is one of the worst actors i have ever seen but he seems like a nice person.

  • micah brew

    what a stupid thing for her to say about aniston. but i guess she would know all being a sorry actress and grabbing the spotlight over nothing.

  • Dawn Marie Lashua

    Girl please! Kristen knows about acting as Charles Manson knows about surgery. And honey, the only reason you are known today IS because of the Twilight saga. But everyone knows, and honey EVERYBODY knows, that Evan Rachel Wood was the first choice to play Bella. She didn’t want to play in a teen series. She chose to play in The Wrestler instead. That is an actress that believes in her craft and not take roles to get in the limelight. And Kristen honey, Jennifer was already a household name before she even met Pitt. Stewart, has anyone tried to copy your hairstyle? No? You should ask Anniston about how it feels to be the actress with the most copied hairstyle in the history of TV. Even beating Farrah Fawcet. Ooops!

    • alive

      u said honey like 30 times lol

      obviously, u know NOTHING about kristen besides the fact that you’ve been eating up all these stupid lies that people make up of her.
      and the way u talk? its fycking gross.

  • alive