Jennifer Aniston Replaced by Kim Kardashian

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Friday, January 25, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1161] JENNIFER Aniston has been left furious — after her stylist Chris McMillan ditched her for Kim Kardashian!

Chris apparently thinks Kim is not only nicer but a bigger star too.

“Jen is stewing,” a source said.

“Of all of the men in her life, Chris has been the one constant. He stood by Jen through her marriage and breakup to Brad Pitt and all of her love-life ups and downs. Jen expected he’d always be loyal. Now she’s furious – at both Chris and Kim – for the betrayal.

“Jen was fuming because she and Chris used to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians together and mock the family… Jen sent a message to Kim to back off, but Kim isn’t scared of her. And the plan actually backfired – Chris was furious at Jen about it.”

Chris feels that Jen turned her back on her longtime friends after hooking up with Justin Theroux and things only got worse when the couple got engaged in August.

“Chris feels edged out by Justin, who he says makes Jen’s old friends uncomfortable by talking down to them,” noted the insider.

“Chris is raving about how fun-loving and sweet Kim is… he says she’s a real breath of fresh air after having to constantly hear about Jen’s body insecurities and relationship traumas. Chris now likes hanging out with Kim much more than Jen.”

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  • jilly

    He is a freaking hair dresser, does he have to live with them or be loyal to anyone. Just do them both Chris, more power to you!

    • CL.GARRY

      Kim will dump him any moment.

    • Elmo

      Do them both… Good idea… ( snicker snicker)

      • jilly

        That didn’t come out right (do them both), but why not??!!


    If this is a truth
    Chris will finish his career working with dogs.

    • the best client

      and than with cats

      • Bradley


      • lilly

        Do you think t’s beautiful? I’m very sad.

      • angelina stewart

        Me too Chris!

      • Big Mack

        I’ll eat you Chris!

      • jilly

        This would be the cat that I’ll pick! Sooooooo cute!

    • jawnie beau


    • jilly

      He would be lucky to get a job as a dog groomer, specially in Hollywood. Hi Garry :)

      • CL.GARRY

        He is a biggest moron. To lose the client like Jennifer – it’s an “achievement” just for moron.
        Jennifer was his trade mark.
        He had a good money.
        What else?
        Kardashian has a wind in the head.
        And her head is nothing comparing to her as$ anyway.
        Good choice, Chis!
        Good luck freaking moron in the ugly glasses.
        He looks like a GIBBON.

      • jilly

        He must be a loser since he’s extremely stupid. He was lucky to have touched Jen’s beautiful hair.

      • CL.GARRY

        Even the biggest haters can say NOTHING against her hair .
        No one can say her hair is not beautiful!
        Christ lost THE BEST CLIENT IN HIS F LIFE.

      • jilly

        I agree! Although I think he is kissing both of their asses to make more money. Kim travels a lot and if he wants to be her personal hair dresser then he has to travel with her. Jen’s hair looks better than ever, maybe it’s because she has a new hair perosn.

      • CL.GARRY

        It will be very funny if Kim will pay him littler money.
        Because she is a ‘bigger Star” :)
        Kim is a “star” on 1-2 years.
        Jennifer is a Star forever.
        But the smell of a special area made Chris blind.

      • jilly

        If he has to kiss ass then kissing Kim’s will take a whole lot longer than anybody on the planet. More work for idiot Chris. Kim is no star BTW. She is famous but not a star for sure. Jen is a whole different level.

      • CL.GARRY

        Kim is an empty nobody.
        A walking azz.
        Even Barbie is a doll. Just something…

      • jilly

        Barbie has more talent than Kim for sure. I don’t hate Kim, actually kind of like her. She is not a bad person and has enough sense to make lots of money just by being herself, good or bad. She is not a homewrecker or drug addict or lots of other things that we hate Jolie for example.

      • Elmo

        Very well said, that’s pretty much my opinion on Kim as well.

      • jilly

        Thanks Elmo. People just love to hate her for no reason. Funny enough, most of them watch her show too (in the closet)! :)

      • CL.GARRY

        MONKEY STYLE!!!
        Chirs McMillan is cute.

  • shaving the azz

    Kim can trust him ALL her hair.

  • crazy hands

    Kim will look great.

  • classy lady

    romantic girl…

  • afrodita

    Chris is a great esthete.

  • teenager

    Kim is a nice role model

  • america’s sweet ASS


  • a lot of work

    Kim is very opened person.

    • jilly

      I wonder if her boobs are real or not?!!

      • CL.GARRY

        Of course not.
        You know who is the best. :)

      • jilly

        I’m sure Jennifer :)

      • CL.GARRY

        We must clarify that we are talking about the boobs here.
        Not about ‘area’ :)
        (The order of comments is different now).

      • jilly

        We just don’t know about Jen’s “area”. Maybe he’s done a good job with that too. LOL!!! Brazilian Wax is what it’s called. :)

      • jilly

        Looks like Chris has done a great job on Kim’s specific area. Very clean cut, hahahaha

      • CL.GARRY

        This precise work took a long-long-long time and A LOT OF ATTENTION. :)

      • CL.GARRY

        Smelling the specific area is his biggest pleasure now.

  • snow white

    good girls

  • very proud


  • Toby

    It could just be Chris needs to see a Optomotrist?

  • expert

    Nobody care about Kim Kardashian hair.
    She is like JLO – miss ASS.

    • people

      a clASSy “lady :)

      • jilly

        JLO used to be somebody before she got with her teenage boyfriend. I lost all the respect for her since then. The guy is a loser and ugly and makes her look desperate.

    • view

      JLO is a singer and actress.
      incorrect comparing.

  • Toby Bryant

    That’s like replacing a Cadilac with a Volkswagon.

    • jilly

      I personally prefer Volkswagon but I know what you mean. :) I’m not a big fan of American Cars, sorry…:(

      • CL.GARRY

        LOVELY :)

      • jilly

        I’ll take this one, so cute and it looks like a fire truck. :) :)

      • car for sex

        This is one of the most romantic cars in the world. With aura of young generations inside :)

      • jilly

        Love it!

      • Toby (Jillys future husband)

        Looks like a 67 VW Bus….Air cooled cooling system. Angelove has probably been in the back of one of those.

      • jilly

        You are so so funny Toby!!! It looks like a toy car but very cute. Angelove and many other people have smoked weed in this car as well. That’s the aura Garry is talking about. :)

      • Toby Bryant

        Okay Jilly, I WAS going to buy you a 65 Corvette metallic Black mint, but I guess I’ll forget the whole idea…Ho hum …Their wedding is a big secret?
        Why? Nobody wants to go anyway…

      • jilly

        Toby, THERE IS NO WEDDING, believe me. Every few months, specially when Brad has a movie coming out, they start a rumor and it never happens. The fact is, he does not want to marry her and is buying time, as much as he can. There are six kids involved and a crazy unstable woman, it’s hard to get out.

      • CL.GARRY

        I suspect Brad waits her natural end. And than he will say: “WHAT A PITY! I was ready to marry! Oh my soulmate!”
        Yeah. So nice to have a sincere LOVE in the happy family :)

      • jilly

        Exactly! He probably wait till those kids grow up a little and then disappear.

      • CL.GARRY

        when kids will grow up a little Brad will be busy with their drugs/pregnancies/police stories and so on. :)

      • jilly

        hahahaha, so true! He is screwed for life and i don’t feel sorry for him at all.

      • CL.GARRY

        jilly are you sure you don’t want this car for free?

      • jilly

        Is that the corvette Toby is talking about, wow!!! I changed my mind, I want this car. So beautiful!

      • CL.GARRY

        where are you?
        Jilly wants a ’65 Corvette.
        Good Luck! :)

      • jilly

        This car has had lots of weed smoking youngsters in it too! I’ll accept the picture, it’s a beauy!

  • Jillys significant other

    It’s just been reported, that Kim Kardashian is being replaced by a very large pregnant cat.

    • jilly

      Oh, DEAR LORD!

      • CL.GARRY

        This is a truth.
        Poor-poor Chris.
        May be he is a father? :)

  • choyce2020

    The “JUDAS of the Hollyweird” set.