Ricki Lake Collapsed Due to Weight Loss

Sunday, January 27, 2013

RICKI Lake says losing too much weight caused her to faint.

The TV star — who tipped the scales at 19 stone when she was at her heaviest — dramatically lost more than half her weight, cutting down to eight stone in an unhealthy manner, causing her to be hospitalized.

“I was fainting and once had to be hospitalized with an IV drip,” she said. “I took it to an extreme. It wasn’t a size I could maintain. My goal weight is a healthy 10 stone now.”

Although she has achieved her goal weight, the 44-year-old star says she hasn’t conquered her battle with her weight.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve conquered it,” she said.

“I still battle with it and always will. Doing Dancing with the Stars in 2011 got me in amazing shape – the best of my life – and now I’m at a healthy weight. I’m not obese anymore.

“I was enormous, so I’ve got a handle on it. Would I like to lose another stone? Yes. But I’m not a big person anymore.

“I’ll never be skinny. I’d rather be fit and happy than emaciated and malnourished. I have to be at peace with my body no matter what size it is.”