Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Speaking Again

Monday, January 28, 2013

SELENA Gomez is back on speaking terms with Justin Bieber.

The actress — who recently split from the teen singer — apparently took a call from Justin last week.

“Selena doesn’t care about Justin. She’s out with girlfriends because she’s single and hot and focusing on herself for once, not just making him happy,” a source said.

“Selena talked to Justin briefly once last week, but they aren’t getting together or anything. And she’d be very open to dating people, but they need to be hot as hell because she deserves it.”

Recent reports claimed Bieber’s romance with Gomez ended because he had drug-fueled sex with a 22-year-old nursing student, according to a new report.

On December 21, the 18-year-old pop star joined rapper Lil Twist and nursing student Milyn “Mimi” Jenson around 6 p.m at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.

“They all went to buy weed at a smoke shop on Olympic Blvd. in Hollywood,” a source said, “then they got food at McDonald’s and went back to the hotel.”

The group returned to the Four Seasons, where the coupling between Mimi and Justin continued in his bedroom suite.

“Justin surprised her by saying, ‘I want to know if you taste good.’ He started kissing her cheek and ear and neck and then her whole body,” the insider said.

“He seemed out of it, and even though he didn’t ask Mimi to leave, she decided she should go.

“Mimi thought Justin was single, and he definitely acted like he was.”