Michelle Obama Jealous of Kerry Washington?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MICHELLE Obama is an angry lady!

The First Lady, 49, exploded at husband Barack Obama behind closed doors over Scandal beauty Kerry Washington.

Michelle is said to be so insecure about the president’s appeal to Kerry and other beauties she got a new hairstyle that takes years off her appearance and, coincidentally, closely re­sembles the 35-year-old actress’ look.

“Michelle’s jealous rage put a damper on the inauguration, but at least the meltdown took place behind closed doors,” a source said.

“The public only saw her smiling and supporting him. But, believe me, it was one of their ugliest fights ever.

“Michelle got it in her mind that Barack was finagling to have Kerry added to more committees so they could spend time together.

“Kerry may have no idea how smitten Barack is with her, but Michelle clear­ly has the claws out.

“Michelle ripped into Barack, telling him, ‘Stay away from that woman!’ And she was furious when she found out Kerry had been invited to the inauguration.

“She knew that the eyes of the world would be on her and the president.

“She wanted to look sensational for the big day and out­shine Kerry, the woman she sees as her competitor. It’s no coincidence that Mi­chelle started wearing her new hairdo just four days after Kerry debuted the same look on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

“Mi­chelle is going to fight for her man and do whatever it takes, even if that means changing her looks.”

On her ABC drama Scan­dal, Kerry plays crisis management boss Olivia Pope, who is having a steamy affair with the fictional presi­dent .

“That fact is not lost on Michelle,” said the insider. “She has been unhappy for some time over her husband’s flirt­ing with Kerry, and she’s had some furious fights with Barack over it.

“No one except maybe Michelle believes there is anything more than innocent flirtations between the president and Kerry but her worst nightmare would be finding out he’s cheated on her.”


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  • Dea

    This is retarded.

  • ashton

    This is very childish….Grow up!

  • jilly

    If it was behind closed doors, how the hell does anyone know about it? Made up story, obviously.

  • Brian O.

    Goddamn Kerry Washington is fuckin hot!! Obama if u do… u betta pray brother!

  • dan

    Maybe if Chewbaca Obama wasn’t so ugly, he could hit it more than twice in a lifetime (2 kids)!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarah-Ibrahim/100000523133797 Sarah Ibrahim

      MIchelle Obama is gorgeous. Why don’t you show a bit more respect for the first lady. You probably look like a mess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarah-Ibrahim/100000523133797 Sarah Ibrahim

    This is so ridiculous. How many times have the trashy tabloids tried to peddle this story?

  • Lady BF

    Get a life and stop making up #### so you can have a news story. If it was behind closed doors, how the hell did you find out about it ?

  • standing

    Michelle could care less, and The President loves the ground his wife walks on. Believe me!

  • wendy weedseed

    That white washed b****! Fake a** white woman is what I call Kerry Washington. Look at her husband…. She dont like black men. Michelle aint got nothin to worry about as far as she go. Cant stand Kerry Washington stereotypical role playin self.

    • DehliaLopez

      Wow, someone’s got some red and green horns showing.

  • DehliaLopez

    I have to be honest, any hint of like, infatuation or anything close would send a married woman like Hillary and Michelle off the deep end. Quite frankly though, why these men feel that they can embarrass their wives like this instead of waiting until things are over is beyond me. Michelle stop getting angry, if he is too stupid to see reason, divorce him and move ahead. Life is too short to be worrying over a relationship that may have met its end.

    You know that you have so much going for you at this point in time; don’t fall into any relationship trap. If the president is infatuated with Kerry Washington its a facade; millions of men are infatuated with her. She is the flavor and has been for the past six months, but even Kerry eventually will loose her attraction to others. Just give it time. If you are watching the show Scandal; STOP!

    You are a fighter, and know the drill, this is nothing like law school, and so you of all people know that this too shall pass. Rise to the occasion, dress like you do not care,and do what you do best. His days are numbered, where as yours are not. Two can play this pathetic game of cat and mouse. You are the woman of the hour and your husband wish he had your clout, expertise, experience, and panache. Do your own thing and stop worrying. Women of the world support you, your situation, and we all understand how hard this is.

    There will always be a pretty woman Michelle, but no one has a intelligence and smarts that you have. Gossip is just another way to dramatize the fact that the worlds internal White House drip is still there. Know who you are, allow him to make the fool of himself without your interference.He is but just a man, and a weak one at that.