Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Marry in May?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ANGELINA Jolie and Brad Pitt will be getting married at the end of May, according to a new report.

The pair — who raise six kids together — have been telling close pals to keep the last week of May free, sparking speculation their nuptials will be taking place then.

“Brad has asked those closest to him to make sure they’re free the week after the Cannes Film Festival finishes on 26 May,” a source said.

“Brad will be in Cannes with Angelina and the kids to promote World War Z. He has also blocked out a couple of weeks in his work schedule afterwards, which has made his friends even more certain.

“Everything is pointing to the end of May or begging of June. Their renovations are due to finish any day now and builders have been working around the clock to complete in time.

“Plus all of Brad and Angelina’s closest friends in the industry will be in town for Cannes.”
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  • jilly

    Another shitty movie of Brad is coming out and another bogus wedding date is set. Aren’t they tired of it because we are. Nobody give a F anymore, really.

  • jilly

    Garry, i went to JJ after a long time and posted something (nothing bad) and tried three times and it didn’t even post, nothing!!! I HATE JJ.

    • CL.GARRY

      Try another computer. (I did – it’s very funny – you may have lots of nick and entertainment is endless :) )

      • jilly

        I just hate 99% of the people who post there. You have to fight with all of them. It’s more friendly here and we all have freedom of speech. Most of all, I hate Jared himself. As we all know, Jolie pays his rent and he kisses her ass very openly. KEEP SUCKING UP TO JOLIE, SHE IS A NOBODY NOW JARED THE ASSHOLE. You see Garry, that’s what I like. To be able to express myself. :)

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        I like JJ
        because of that gang of haters.
        JJ is a hot place :)

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        A hot place for them. You were hating JJ just a few days ago, BTW.

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        My comments disappear every day. It’s a war.
        But there are special technologies to fight.
        It’s a one of the strongest hater centers in the internet.
        They need a brain surgery :)
        love it

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        Don’t try to change them, you can’t but I see what you mean. If he was a little more liberal, i would’ve gone there.

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        There is no liberal haters. It’s like “liberal” anhoston/jim :)

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        I meant JJ being liberal. Not taking sides and be a professional. He is a paid servant to Jolie, can’t stand him.

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    Just Jared site bans people saying the truth about Angelina Jolie. What a shame!

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      I was always very surprised that Jolie has all these fans on JJ and they all hate Jennifer. Now I know why. He cuts off anyone whose a Jen fan and only keeps Jolie’s fans on. What a RIDICULOUS ASSHOLE JUST JARED IS. Hate this guys and if I ever see him, he will get a good sweet slap in his ugly face.

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        Sharing this information about him everywhere can make
        Just Jared very happy.

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        He deserves it. :) How dare you cutting people off just because they don’t like your idol. I see posts from Jen haters with the most horrible things said and they shine like it’s his pride and joy. F**k you JARED, kiss my ass little shithead.

  • teen

    What the year are we talking about? 2070?

    • dog & biitch wedding

      Soon. This Century

      • jilly

        Hopefully before Jolie turns 80, he will marry her. They want to make sure the grandchildren can attend this famous wedding. Nice picture, LOL!!!

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      love this souvenire

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    kiss me… NO !