Kris Humphries’ Lawyers Watching Kim Kardashian

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

KIM Kardashian is being closely watched — by her estranged husband’s lawyers.

Kris Humphries‘ lawyers are apparently watching Kim’s reality show on E! so that they can gather all information necessary to question her at her upcoming deposition.

“Kris’ divorce attorneys, including Lee Hutton, and his staff of paralegals, faithfully watch the Kardashian reality shows so they will leave no stone unturned when she is questioned at her upcoming deposition,” a source told RadarOnline.

“The deposition will take place in the next several months, and it has been postponed several times because of scheduling issues on both sides.

“The delays are benefiting Kris’ team because it just gives them more ammunition for their case. You have Khloe whining to Kim on the current season of yet another Kardashian reality show airing on E!, about how long the divorce is taking and saying that Kris doesn’t talk, but barks like a dog. Kris believes that Kim and her family are using their reality shows to tarnish his name.

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  • jilly

    Get a life Kris, really…Kim has moved on and you need to do the same. You’re making an ass out of yourself. At the end, you’re gonna have to pay all of her Legal fees and then quit.

    • 12345

      Actually in the eyes of the law, he may have a case…sorry and yes I am a lawyer. Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. She needs to give him the annulment for sure.

      • jilly

        Giving the annulment means that the whole wedding was based on a fraud for publicity. That was not the case and Kim would never agree to that. Kris was a wrong man for Kim and he just can’t let go of it. BTW, Kim has not offered any money to him, far from $10mil. He was asking for $7mil. and they didn’t agree to pay him. He got paid for the parts that he was on the show and they have a very strong prenup. I don’t see any winning for him here except being happy that Kim cannot marry anbody else.

      • Synthia Rose

        LOL. NO way you are a lawyer, because if you were you would see how frivolous his case is. There was no fraud, until he executed it. He proposed of his own volition and agreed to be featured in the show. He took prompts from produces as all reality shows do and now he wants to claims the overparticipation of producers to shape the relationship indicates fraud. Kris, shut up — and you too.

        No Judge in L.A. where they are familiar with reality production is going to see his TV show “evidence” as fraud. He and his lawyer come off as Minnesota bumpkins who don’t understand reality TV and its distinction from real life. Kim dumped his fast because he proved to be obnoxious, controlling and overbearing. His delay of the divorce reflects these traits too.

        Can’t wait till the judge rules against him. LOL…”yes, I am a a lawyer.” LOL. B.S.!

      • jilly

        So so true! Thank you Synthia Rose. :)

      • goawaykim

        Yikes Synthia Rose – have you studied the KarTrashians ?

  • denise

    i gree, she better give him the annulment, because it is quiet obvious to who is willing to c that they play kris humphries in to marriage for there own advantage there was no way in hell kim ever love kris,kim hate white guys look at her real lovers they r all black guys,kim was always in love with kanye west she just played kris for money and ratings.but its in the air what goes around come right back at u am on kris side this bitch must pay the hardest way for playing with someone mind

    • fresh

      Kris doesn’t have a whole lot of mind, don’t you worry about that.

  • Psy

    I bet he baby will turn out to be Korean.