Elton John and David Furnish Are Hands-On Parents

Friday, February 1, 2013

ELTON John and David Furnish like to be present when their sons have baths.

The couple recently welcomed baby Elijah into the family, which already includes two-year-old Zachary, and although they have a nanny the couple try to be around for their children as much as they can.

“We are both up through the night doing feeds with Elijah and we always try to be there for both Elijah and Zachary’s bath times,” David said.

“Zachary is a very caring little boy. He has given him lots of cuddles but we suspect he’s wondering how much longer he has to wait until they can play together.”

Elton recently revealed that his 19-year-relationship with David, his family life and his charity work have made him happier than at any time previously.

“I work incredibly hard with my own career, my management company, the AIDS Foundation, my little boy. I’ve managed to intertwine everything perfectly. I’ve been with David 19 years in October, done a lot of work on myself, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” he said.

“I’m not interested in the past – just now and the future.

“I don’t take myself too seriously, which is one reason I’ve lasted. Irreverence is a great British trait. As much as I moan about the press — they love you for nine months, hate you for four — it’s better than America, where they revere celebrity.”



  • Kalie Riemer

    Elton John really has had an incredible career. Love the stuff he’s worked on with 2CELLO’s, wish I had seen them on tour together.