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Tom Cruise to Build Compound in Hawaii

Posted by Adam

TOM Cruise is planning to buy some land on the tiny, secluded Hawaiian island of Lanai.

According to a new report, the actor wants several acres of waterfront real estate to build a world-class compound.

Tom spent the fourth week of January in the tropical paradise as a guest of his pal David Ellison, son of Larry Ellison, the Oracle billionaire who recently purchased the entire island.

“Tom was just blown away by Lanai and right on the spot decided to buy property there,” a source told America’s Star magazine.

“He wants to make it his own tropical paradise, to share with Suri and his other children.

“Tom toured several properties, including a $4 million residence on exclusive Hulopoe Drive. Built in 2003, it has a breathtaking view of Manele Bay. He also looked at a home right next door, built in 2004, for $4.2 million.

“Tom plans on buying the two adjoining properties and putting them together into one mammoth $8 million playground,” said the source. “He’d demolish the existing houses and buld one big structure.”


  • TomCruise’sCareerisOVER

    Cruise is trying to scape all the media and public questions about his involvement in al abuses and criminal actions he has been doing with his cult leader David Miscavige. He is choosing Hawaii so he won’t have to confront the truth, he is not doing it for Suri. Cruise’s PR firm is full of BS.

  • TomCruise’sCareerisOVER

    Oh BTW, cruise is turing David Ellison into a cult of scientology member, as close sources to cruise and David witnessed.

  • tom forever

    these are paid comments dont believe in them. there job is to defame tom cruise on each and every toms artical on google. this started after 2006 when he gave comment against psychatry. they hire group of people to defame him. they write comments from different names. . they partially stopped these comments. but after the success of mission impossible ghost protocol they restarted. their aim is to make his every film flop even before its release. they did same with jack reacher.they are desperately trying to creat hatred against the stars.even though despite all this years of mudslinging and destractions, the legend maintain silence and did some quality work

  • Pepito delos Palotes

    I love Tom Cruise movies. He’s a great actor and a hard working honest man. I couldn’t care less about all the lies written about him on the media. I just care about his movies and I keep enjoying them.