Carrie Underwood Annoys Mike Fisher!

Friday, February 1, 2013

CARRIE Underwood has annoyed her husband Mike Fisher!

The singer recently onfided it “made her feel awful” when people identified her husband Mike Fisher by her last name.

“Somebody works real hard to make a name for themselves, a respectable name, and then it’s ‘Mr. Underwood,’” she complained.

However, sources tell American tabloid the National Enquirer that Fisher rarely got called that until she brought it up.

“When Mike was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators in 2011, some locals didn’t know him and mistakenly assumed his name was Underwood. But the confusion was quickly cleared up,” a source said.

“Then after his teammates caught wind of Carrie’s com­ment, Mike enters the locker room and hears, ‘Why hello, Mr. Underwood! Can I carry your purse?’

“They think it’s funny that his wife has to come to the defense of a big, bad hockey player. It wasn’t a problem until she made it one.

“Mike was pretty steamed. He told her never to raise any issues concern­ing him publicly again. And if she feels he’s got any problems, just know that he’s a big boy and can handle things his own way.”



  • K Ryan

    What a bunch of made up crap from the Enquirer I will lay you 10 to one none of
    what they wrote is or was true. People who read or believe articles in this trashy magazine are hard up for news. 99% is made up lies.