Burt Reynolds Almost Died After Collapsing: Report

Monday, February 4, 2013

BURT Reynolds almost died, it has been claimed.

The Hollywood legend, 77, collapsed at home and might have passed away if not for a chance visit by friends who rushed him to the hospital

Reynolds was battling a high fever, suffering severe de­hydration and slurring his words after stubbornly refusing to get help for a devastating case of flu.

“It was incred­ible luck that a woman friend called Burt just to check on him,” a source said. “He sounded so bad his pal immediately thought he’d suffered a stroke.

“She and another friend raced to his house and were rocked by what they found.

“Burt looked like he was al­most dead. He couldn’t even get to his feet without assistance.

“If those friends hadn’t shown up when they did, he probably would have died right there because Burt is a stubborn ol’ boy and he had no intention of calling for help or going to the hospital on his own.

“His health has been been very bad for some time, but he’s in such poor financial shape he can no longer afford the round-the-clock care he needs.

“He actually told pals, ‘I’ve had enough – I’m ready to go.’

“It makes you wonder when Burt’s luck is finally going to run out.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Mosley-Settles/100000340793147 Kathy Mosley Settles

    Dear Lord God – Please save, bless and heal Mr. Burt Reynolds. Don’t let him leave here without being filled with The Holy spirit and receiving the salvation Jesus died for him and all of us to receive! Amen and AME!!! Kathy

  • Greg

    Burt, glad everything is working out, hope you get well soon………………

  • Barbara Gonzalez

    We love you Burt please take care of yourself we want you around a lot longer!!!!!

  • Ronnie Ventura

    I don’t want him to die!! Please be ok Burt.

  • Entertainer

    Burt reynolds is my hero, im an actor and look up to him, he is a legend, its a matter of time until he and sally Field join there deceased friends like Jerry Reed and dom Deluise, god will Take him to Paradise soon, cause he is a great guy and i love him.

  • Trev Gilbert (gunsmoke fan)

    Keep your chin up Quint and heres hoping that your soon running around.

  • LizardQueen

    Thinking of you Burt!

  • keilenfrazier

    Your old die already

  • Wayne

    I pray in the name of Jesus that Burt will repent of his sins and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Accepting Christ is the most important decision we can make in this short life. Jesus died so we could have eternal life. This 70 or 80 years we live here is very short compared to eternity. Where will you spend eternity ??

    • jj

      Shut the fuck up, please.

    • Steven Kaufman

      Remove yourself from the gene pool cave dweller.

  • Terry Lee Hooks

    Hey Buddy, do you remember Way Back a guy named Kelly Hooks? Of WPB , I am Terry Hooks , Kelly was my Great Uncle. Have always known you as Buddy instead of Burt, would love to chat or Meet You. My # is 561-793-0615 , Uncle Kelly had the Parrot that cussed all the time. Thanks and Good Wishes Terry Lee Hooks