Kelsey Grammer Wants Daughter in Showbiz

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

KELSEY Grammer wants his six-month-old daughter to follow him into showbiz — because she’s so funny.

The actor says the tot loves entertaining and he and his wife Kayte Walsh wouldn’t be opposed to her entering the industry.

“She’s a unique individual already. She’s really a charming person. She loves to engage other people,” he said.

“She’s had a couple of temper tantrums, which has been a little surprising. [But] we soldier on through them.

“We don’t have nannies, so I do a lot of nappy changing, which I’m quite good at now.

“I also do quite a bit of cleaning up around the house, just because I prefer it that way. I don’t like a mess. I like a tidy house, the thing things in the right place and the laundry to be done. I’m a slave to my home in fact.”