Emma Watson Loves America

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EMMA Watson says she loves living in America — because it’s so fascinating.

The British actress — who recently returned to Brown University in January to resume her English literature studies  –  wants to experience as much of life in America as possible.

“I live in the USA; I find it really fascinating,” she said.

“I’m studying this huge country, it surprises me, but it’s also very scary.

“I hate having to leave my studies behind when I have to work, but I only have two real passions: books and cinema.

“Growing up is really harsh. Society nowadays makes young people ask themselves questions without really giving any answers. But facing difficulties makes you grow up as well.”

Emma recently revealed her parents have taught her to put effort in to whatever she does.

“My parents have very strong work ethics and have instilled that in me; a love and respect for what you do and taking pride in it,” she said.

“And then — and this is sort of irritating at times — I’m a bit OCD about perfectionism. I’m my own worst critic. I think that’s really hard, but it also spurs me on. I always want to do better. I’m always striving towards the next thing.”