Taylor Swift Wants Selena Gomez to Forget Justin Bieber

Thursday, February 7, 2013

TAYLOR Swift has urged Selena Gomez to cut all ties with Justin Bieber.

The We Are Never Getting Back Together singer is encouraging her best friend to move on because she doesn’t think the 18-year-old Canadian popstar is right for her.

“Taylor would rather Selena break everything off with Justin and believes that will happen in the very near future,” a source said.

“Taylor isn’t a Justin fan at all. There is just a process that Selena has to go through to have that finally happen and Taylor understands that.

“Taylor is very spiritual and superstitious and believes in the saying, ‘It takes half the time of a relationship you had with someone to get over the relationship you had with that person.’

“If Taylor can speed things up a little bit by being there for Selena and showing her the fun she can have, then she will gladly do it.”


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  • Rose

    And then u write an article about how she has an eye on him..ok.