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Jennifer Lopez Spends $25k on Wrinkle Eraser!

Posted by Adam

JENNIFER Lopez is flash with her cash!

The singer, 43, has reportedly splashed out a whopping $25,000 on wrinkle eraser.

The Jenny From The Block hitmaker has invested in a CACI Ultimate facial machine after being impressed with the results it produces after she used one in a spa.

“She loved it so much she wanted a machine at home,” a source said.

“Jennifer is very dedicated to fitting in her workouts. She will make sure to have her workout clothes with her at all times. She’ll go in full makeup straight from a set to work out.”

Meanwhile, Lopez doesn’t worry about her advancing years so long as she still feels healthy and good about herself.

“I feel youthful and in a sense almost timeless,” she said.

“In fact, I don’t even think of myself in terms of age. I think of the way I feel – and that is very healthy and agile and fit.”


  • neeters

    just give her another 5 or so years till she goes through Menopause. then she’ll panic as everything droops and she’ll age just like every other poor woman. Menopause is a rip off for sure, and that’s when us women start to look our age. Sorry Jlo , it will happen to you too!

  • Aly

    $25,000!!?? That’s insane. For much less money she can get some great dermal filler treatments to smooth out the wrinkles.