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Robert Pattinson Hooked up With Sexy Model?

Posted by Adam

[imagebrowser id=1211] ROBERT Pattinson has a new girlfriend!

According to a new report, the actor — who is said to have split from Kristen Stewart — has hooked up with a “very sexy” 5’10″ model, who’s brunette with green eyes.

“I hooked-up with Rob twice last summer and I’d give him a 10 for sure,” the woman who wished to remain unidentified says.

“He’s a great kisser and really sweet, but he still totally knows how to take charge. We were drinking a lot both times but he had no problems in the bedroom, we stayed up almost all night the first time.

“He was smoking and since I don’t smoke he was really self conscious about his breath and he kept running to the bathroom to use the mouthwash. I told him it was totally fine but it was still nice that he cared so much. We both knew it was never going to be anything serious but Rob never made me feel cheap. The whole thing was as good as you’d imagine. I’d love to see him again.”

Meanwhile, sources say Rob is “barely picking up” Kristen’s calls.

“Kristen is desperate to get out to Australia [where Rob is currently filming The Rover] because she misses Rob,” a source said,

“But he’s being ambivalent about the whole thing.

“It seems like she’s going to fly out there, despite the fact that he has cut their communication down a lot. He’s barely picking up her calls [or] responding to her messages.

“Behind the scenes, people are hoping that she doesn’t go [in case the paparazzi] get pics of her upset, or a blow out between them.

“[The Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD] is coming out in March, and they want to give it some time to breathe and make money before they get too emotional together.

“Kristen’s team is begging her to put on a happy face and be normal, because she makes a lot of money off the back end of [Breaking Dawn Part 2], so if the DVD sells a lot, she can cash out.”


  • Ana

    What a load of bull just picking up rubbish stories from other sources. If you can’t print something positive print nothing.

    • beauty

      It’s all true. LeAnn is a selfish husband stealer and Brandi is telling the truth about everything.

  • thinkb4typing

    What? IF the DVD sells alot….It’s Twilight for Pete’s sake! It always sells millions, regardless whether she has a happy face or not. Utter rubbish, this.