Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight For Diana

Friday, February 8, 2013

[imagebrowser id=988] PRINCE William and Kate Middleton are having to go to battle over their baby’s name!

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, William and Kate want to name their baby Diana if they have a daughter, but Queen Elizabeth isn’t having it!

“The Queen has the absolute right to approve all names of potential royal heirs,” a source said.

“But her decision has unleashed a bitter family feud — the royal household’s in a total uproar. William turned to Prince Charles for support, but his father told him he wouldn’t even try to fight this battle.

“Charles understands his son wants to honor his mother’s legacy, but told him The Queen will never budge on her decision.”

Middleton’s child is due in July, and she has taken to hypnotherapy to regain her appetite.

“Kate still looks at food and feels nauseous,” a source said. “She has been plagued by that feeling you have when you’ve had food poisoning and your stomach’s shrunk.

“She finds it very hard to eat a full meal and gets full very quickly. She will seek the help of a hypnotherapist in a bid to help with her appetite.

“The hypnotherapy is taking away any negative thoughts connected with food from the morning sickness, and replacing them with cravings for healthy, nutritious food.

“All in all, Catherine’s very happy. With so much family around her and William, they’re starting to enjoy the pregnancy after such a traumatic start.”

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed Kate’s beautician was one of the first people to find out she’s pregnant.[imagebrowser id=1098]


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  • http://twitter.com/geocool GEORGE KEARLEY

    I don’t see anything wrong with PRINCE William and Kate Middleton calling their baby after his mother…why not ?

    • Elmo

      Seconded. I don’t think this article is accurate because:1) why would there be anything wrong with it 2 ) as its parents,they have the right to name the kid whatever they want ( within a certain extent, of course) 3)( biggest reason of all) if this was all true, prince William would never be stupid enough to think CHARLES would support it, Charles and Diana HATED each other after the divorce.

  • Camilla ain’t shit

    Good for them…The Queen shouldn’t have s problem with this young man wanting to honor his mother..The Queen doesn’t seem yo have a problem.inflicting mental anguish on her iwn grandsons..How atrogant to consider how it eould affect everyone else (Camilla, the whore, just like her gramdmother)..I hoes u can make a hoe a housewife.

    • Elmo

      I second the notion that camilla(lowercased on purpose cause she’s a dimwitted bitch) ain’t shit. She will never, and I mean NEVER, be queen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marliio Martha Conner

    The Queen should watch what she is saying, eventually if it ever comes out that she had a hand in having princess Diana MURDERED. That automobile was barely damaged, the driver was not drunk and diana was not harmed. She was MURDERED and given a lethal injection by some american officer who reached her first, and did not die of a torn aeorta to the heart, The powers that be almost demolished the car, although there was a bomb planted beneath the tire on the drivers side. Additionally Diana’s face was probably bashed and she was given an abortion and her aoerta was torn to support the story. The Royal family could not have her birthing a Muslim baby by that Pakistani doctor, whose family did not want him to marry her. I read all this the other day and for a long time thought she was still alive, as I heard she walked to the ambulance. If the Royal family murdered her they will rue the day, as William will eventually find out what really happened to his mother, and will do his OWN research un-beknown to the family, so it cannot be influenced by false sources. They also did this to make way for Camilla who destroyed Prince Charles marriage, and why someone would pick that woman, who was beautiful over Diana, leaves me speechless. I read even Prince Phillip does not want her to be Queen or the Crown to be passed to Charles, as he believes the monarchy will die if Charles becomes King, and I cant say I don’t agree.,

    • Elmo

      Only two possibilities(in no particular order):

      1. She was MURDERED.

      2. She is still alive.

      I wonder what happened to the baby if there was one.

  • marlio

    The Queen appears to still harbor bad feelings against obama, and of course Prince Charles isn’t going to help Prince William and Kate. He didn’t help Princess Diana when she was ALIVE!!! He was totally INETP! They should be able to name their child whatever they want, for the most part. I hope I don’t have to go to this much trouble, in order to post EVERY REMARK!!!