Jennifer Hudson Still Getting Used to Being Slim

Sunday, February 10, 2013

JENNIFER Hudson still can’t get used to being slim.

The singer and actress — who lost more than 80 pounds through a deal with Weight Watchers over the past two and a half years — says she’s still adjusting o her new body and people’s reaction to her now that she is trim and toned.

Jennifer told Weight Watchers magazine that she had an identity crisis after slimming down initially because she “got used to being plus-sized, whereas now it’s like, ‘Ok, who am I?’ I keep thinking that I probably need an extra-large or a large, and the stylist is like, ‘No, you need a medium or a small.’ I’m still discovering myself, as well as how I’m perceived.

“Jogging makes me feel powerful and free! I like changing myself. I liked who I was before I lost weight, and I like who I am now.”