Kate Middleton Pregnant in Bikini Pictures CHI (ONLINE HERE: SEE THEM ALL HERE RIGHT AND NOW!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1221] HERE are the pictures of Kate Middleton, looking very pregnant, in a bikini while on vacation with husband Prince William on the island of Mustique.

The British royal is expecting her first child. The snaps were taken by a photographer with along lens.

William and Kate aren’t happy about the release of the snaps.

“We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas,” a spokesman for the couple at St. James’s Palace told People.

“This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

As previously reported on ShowbizSpy, Kate has been chowing down scones with jam and clotted cream!

“Kate has been craving scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream,” said a source.

“She can’t get enough of it. And she washes it down with a cup of old-fashioned English-breakfast tea.

“Some women eat raw onions when they’re pregnant, but Kate’s joked that she’s keeping it classy. It’s just a shame she can’t keep her food down for long!”

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  • Pat lancaster

    You have to be kidding!! ‘very pregnant’, looks like most non-pregnant girls in a bikini… she still looks gorgeous! So what!!!

    • Duchess Of Uterus

      looks like shit -

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WIBXGORXOQPSMRXKOAYR5R77SE Bobo

    the exhibitionist bimbo is too vain to gain baby weight –

    • Laura

      Really!? Exhibitionist bimbo? This girl had one of the best educations in the world, she was on a private holiday and what on this world makes you think she’s vain? She’s a stunning girl, living the dream!

      • bobbybrowaski

        A private holiday funded by the tax payer. Its hardly headline news when children are starving in the world

      • Winglets

        Exhibitionist just because she’s wearing a bikini? On a beach? And did you really use the phrase ‘starving children in the world’ to back up your argument?! Too funny. Before you jump on the tax-payer bandwagon ask yourself how much revenue the royal family generates for the uk on an annual basis through tourism, merchandising, fashion, etc etc etc. I could go on but I’m too bored with responding to ill-formed regurgitated arguments. Yawn.

      • Duchess Of Uterus

        before you start barking find out more. So many people seem to be CLUELESS about Waity. My God, where have you been ? For starters she’s famous for not wearing underwear but is so stupid despite being photographed without it many times, she keeps doing it. How smart is that ? How about going nude outdoors in France ? What an idiot. How about her ASS being photographed in Calgary ? Go to youtube and find the video “kate middleton gives Calgary the Bum’s Rush”. I adored Diana – she had class,depth and a calling in life. Middleton has been one long party with no panties -PERIOD.

      • Anonymous

        What’s your point????? William, Kate AND Harry have ALWAYS be sensitive to those that are less fortunate, ESPECIALLY the boys because of what their MOTHER instilled in them. She was the BEST MUM they could have asked for. HOWEVER, I can’t the same for their “sperm donor” and their very UGLY Step-mother!

      • http://www.facebook.com/joan.page.37 Joan Page

        you are an idiot Diana had more men in her bed than Charles had hot dinners, dont change history because she’s dead.

      • Elmo

        Charles did it first. Get your facts straight before you insult people.

      • Jennifer Frank

        i can’t even think of a response for you, LOL

      • Anonymous

        The royals actually make the government money, they give them the land they own from centuries ago in return for a salary. Yes it’s the taxpayers money, but they are basically giving the government millions of dollars in revenue a year. The royal family earns far less from the government than the government earns from them.

      • Jen90

        No one should be able to own all the land just because their ancestors took it hundreds of years ago because they are “kings and “queens”. You don’t see anyone here owning all the states and land. They are just born with a sliver spoon in their mouth and people allowed this because they wanted a king and queen shit. No one should be called royalty or treated like they are better or special just because they created this stupid higher hierarchy for these people. How do they make millions for the government when they don’t even work? They take millions of tax payer money. This is why people were mad at marie antoinette and they said off with her head because they were living in luxury spending a bunch of people’s money while their were people starving and struggling really bad.

      • Wendy 1

        The funding-via-taxes complaint is such an uninformed, much-parroted cop-out! William and Harry receive extra funding through their father’s Duchy of Cornwall which is definitely NOT funded by the British taxpayers. It’s self-supporting. Regardless of where they are, William and Catherine are guarded by protection officers but the expense is probably no higher on a trip than in the UK. Furthermore, this trip is a Middleton family get-away and Carole and Michael fund their own expenses. Criticism and negativity is so unbecoming.

      • Duchess Of Uterus

        “one of the best educations” AND WHAT DID SHE DO WITH IT ? Partied like the skanky slut that she is, for 9 years,exposing her crotch repeatedly in the process. And did NOTHING with that education. Which proves an education is not everything — she’s a classless party slag -all the knee-jerk adoration is so ridiculous. She’s nobody.

    • Anonymous

      Bobo……you sound so stupid! AND jealous! Meow!!!!!! Get a life.

      • Duchess Of Uterus

        oh go fuck yourself. You are stupid enough to butt-worship a skank like Waity ? Too bad. You must be of the same lower personality type as her. If I can say that Diana was amazing, and I do think so, that hardly classifies me as “jealous”. What has waity done in life ? Any accomplishments ? No – just a pile of stupid,immature actions and one dead nurse.

      • Maxiion

        you’re a moron have a good short stupid life

  • paula

    Leave her the hell alone

    • Anonymous

      Amen, Paula!!!

    • WaityKate

      I wish the bitch would stay indoors and leave ME alone.

      • hollyjd

        i know rite? I’m just as far along as she is, she’s due the same time as me..she did it just to spite me.

  • PaulasDad

    lol paula you dirty little idiot.

  • http://abujatalk.blogspot.com/ Abuja Talk

    This really going to provoke william

    • Duchess Of Uterus

      yeah and someone else will “bumped off”, more dead bodies ahead….one nurse won’t satisfy their blood lust

  • http://abujatalk.blogspot.com/ Abuja Talk

    This really going to provoke william

  • phillips

    Whats the big deal, she looks great. If you go out in public this will happen, its curiosity. I think she looks beautiful i wish i looked that good when i was pregnant.

    • Wendy 1

      The magazine stated that a private citizen took the pictures. Paparazzi are forbidden on that island. Still, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that “private citizen” turned out to be a professional pap. Just sayin’.

  • Nancy co

    Leave them alone you idiots . Let them have a little peace.

    • WaityKate

      if they shut up they would have more “peace” but instead, people get fired,murdered, and threatened thanks to waity and wills. and their dumb life.

  • Jon

    Like most i think Catherine, DOC, looks amazing. However if they try to fight this i hope they loose. After the Photos last year its obvious they have not learnt in this day and age there is NO privacy.

    What ever the outcome, it shows a royal couple in Love. But also that am sure Williams Salary could not afford this Luxury, so its more public money paying it or his mothers Legacy. Good luck, to them but dont complain please

    • vanny

      These people were born in fortune, what else they have to struggle for their life?

    • WaityKate


      • Max

        you’re a %#!!@#$ knuckeldragger A$$clown, must be paparazzi yourself loooooser

    • Susan

      Actually, he has a lot of money left to him by his mother. He also has access to Prince Charles’ money and Kate’s family has lots of money too.

      • Anonymous

        That money that his family has is the people’s money! They take their money to live off of to pay for their house and land up keep and all their bills in that HUGE HOUSE! Can you imagine what the electric heating/cooling bill for that house would be, it’s probably million dollars a month! Not to mention all the other stuff they have to pay for the up keep of all their huge Palace and the mowing, gardening, maids to clean the houses, chiefs, chauffeurs, their expensive wardrobes that they never wear twice, expensive jewels and jewelry ect…..

      • Anonymous

        Also the queen is known to pay her employee’s very little. Kate even was trying to haggle with antiques instead of supporting business owners and people that have far less then her when she could have more then afford to pay full price but they do take from tax payers maybe that’s why?

  • Seriously?

    She was in a public place. What did they expect???? They’re acting a bit too precious about these pics.

    • Caroline

      It’s not a public place, though. Apparently, paparazzi are banned at Mustique.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sam.meyers.775 Sam Meyers

        Other beach-goers are not banned though. These were taken on a public beach but someone else there…

      • Joe

        Actually no, they were not on a public beach. Go look up Mustique. It’s a private island with all private beaches — no public beaches at all.

      • Jen90

        Maybe someone that lives on the beach or has access took the picture? It’s not totally private beach just for them.

    • Duchess Of Uterus

      yes I’m sick of her too – the dumb bimbo is such a cry baby – her and Willy both

  • bobbybrowalski@hotmail.com

    Anyone defending these precious royals need to ask themselves why they have come here to view the picture. Maybe if ppl ignored them they wouldn’t publish them. A storm in a tea cup!

  • Anonymous

    Kate is BARELY showing. The “QUEEN” has NOTHING to be outraged about!!!! Even if she was 9 months along, she can do WHATEVER she wants!!! This is the 21st CENTURY — NOT the 16th Century!!!

  • Jethro

    Must be nice to be on the dole in Britain!

    • Anonymous

      Meow!!!!!!!! Get a life, Jethro.. Did you get your ck. from Welfare this mo.?

      • Jethro

        When do I get my yacht?

      • Duchess Of Uterus

        when you can suck it like WAity. I think that’s how she got her yacht……

  • http://twitter.com/DJAdamWalsh DJ Adam Walsh

    Kate Middleton slept with a man who is Prince because the right sperm met the right egg and he was born. There is no formal training to get this position as leader. She has not served in the government before. She doesn’t have a law degree in politics. She slept with a man and now she will be Queen. Now she doesn’t want to be photographed? What else does she do besides smile? Does she hold a 9-5 job? Does she have 2 or three jobs to pay bills? If she has morning sickness does she still have to go to work or not get paid? No. Please. All she does is “charity work” and doesn’t have to worry about bill collectors.

    • jilly

      I agree with what you say but sometimes we have to realize that their life is not so easy either. I wouldn’t want to go to even one of those charity B.S. if you pay me! They are in public eyes at all times, not a normal life for sure.

    • ElStinko

      Sir, your poopoohead is showing!

    • Anonymous

      Good God, DJ! What the hell is your problem? All you talk about is “SHE SLEPT WITH A MAN” Man, you are green with envy! Your comment is stupid.

      • Duchess Of Uterus

        ENVY ? How about FACT ?

    • Louise

      It may seem like “Money 4 Nothing” but the royals do a lot more than the average people to help those less fortunate in this life. I only know what I read and I could be wrong??? NOT. Another thing I got from reading is; K & W fell in love, got married & now are having a baby, she will be Queen someday. You sound pissed that “IT AIN’T YOU”. Get over yourself and the sperm & egg nonsense!

      • WaityKate

        I think it’s more like people want a more deserving,honest,working type Royal family. They feel disappointed, they have every right to.Who wants a bimbo party girl – ?

    • WaityKate

      I agree. She has forced herself to do about……three public “job” sort of appearances so far, WOW , she’s really into making a difference right ?! She sucks….one appearance in a green dress slit all the way up to her crotch. That sports awards thing was waity-as-usual.

  • Katie Takapu

    I thought she was posing for the camera. She isn’t so what’s the deal, here? Pff

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what the big deal is but the royals need to get over themselves. I wish my troubles were as trivial as theirs.

    • Anonymous

      webant: Sounds as tho you create a lot of problems FOR YOURSELF! GET OVER YOUR JEALOUSY

      • Duchess Of Uterus

        I’m tired of retards saying “jealousy”. There are TONS of viable complaints related to both willie and waity. No need for any jealousy to complain about those two.

  • Courtney

    Really? “scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream”? It’s called a biscuit. With butter and jelly. You dont have to make it sound like a royal ‘delicacy’.

  • http://twitter.com/Max_In_Missouri Max

    Who gives a flying F about this royal family non-sense….

    • Louise

      You Do! You’re right in there reading & writing too!

      • http://twitter.com/Max_In_Missouri Max

        no, I was just annoyed it was trending

  • ElStinko

    Wait until the Tabloids prove that The Kardashians are relatives…

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.hollingsworth.351 Steve Hollingsworth

    then she should only stay inside the palace in the indoor swimming pool. Those arrogant nits need to get over it.

  • Skip

    She looks as if she has gone stark raving mad. Her hair is fried, and she looks as if this baby thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    • Duchess Of Uterus

      Yes I’m loving it too – the vain do-nothing looks fried ! She will bloat out too, and will get REALLY cranky

  • amor825

    Must be eating to compensate for all those hungry years.

  • Marvin

    So, Does she need a spanking?

  • Katherine (Kate)

    Willy and Cathy (she had pretentiously called herself Kate!) are over reacting, spoilt brats…don’t anybody feel sorry for these 2 who are on a luxury holiday when many at home are in dire straits.

    • Duchess Of Uterus

      agreed. They want to throw tantrums, get people fired, get people killed off, {the nurse, the DJ’s who were only joking around…}, they affect people negatively————-

  • Me

    There is great doubt that this is, in fact, the royal couple.. just doesn’t look real..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005239026811 Maria DeLourdes

    A lot of non-pregnant women have more bump than this stupid mag

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    You know what they say: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If Kate can’t handle the publicity, she shouldn’t have thrust herself into the public’s eye.

  • FreeRadical

    That low , as expected – it’s a girl !

  • http://www.facebook.com/senator.cardgage Mason Howard

    Wow! Kate’s doing something that women do all the time! AMAZING!!!!

  • royal me too

    there is NO Born Wed into Royalty like first nations
    Get With The TIMES
    we the Common Folk are Sic Up an FED

  • rilly

    She doesn’t even look pregnant

  • anne

    For heavens sakes, get a grip, if you were in their situation how hard would you, the press, fight for your privacy. Think about it. Walk a mile in someone else shoes, Doesn’t feel good does it, but then again, you are not them, at least not yet.

  • David

    WOW, what a beauty. Imagine the blessing to be her baby! I would like to be Kate’ s baby, and have such a beautiful lady as my mom and help the royal family keeping popular.

  • raven roth

    she has such a sexy bum

  • karas

    She looks gorgeous but prince looks not so good.
    He is lucky that he is prince otherwise he would not get the this girl.And she could do much better than him.
    Even his father looks better than him.

  • really?

    what is she on vacation from?

    • WaityKate

      no kidding ! Ha that was a good one — I think she felt over worked because she was photographed in that ugly poncho thing right before vacation…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/diana.watson.3158 Diana Watson

    Wow, is right!! She is huge!!!! OMG, how dare she show her knocked up self in public!! Oh, that is right her mother in law (now deceased) wore a bikini when she is much more pregnant than she, and all the Hollywood jezebles dress so you can see the kid kicking, tight or non existing fabric!! So what is the problem? Other than they are on vacation and don’t wan to be photographed!! BOO HOO I am a working class gal who doesn’t want to work!! Sucks to be me, yeah!!! Suck it up Watie Katie this is what Mum and Dad groomed your gold digging self for!!!

    • WaityKate

      I love it !

  • WaityKate

    BORING as she usually is !!! is that all the mess was about ? oh and is the Duchess of Uterus pissed off ?

  • opey

    she out in public, she should know by now of long lenses!!

    • Anonymous

      lol.., I know right.

  • Anonymous

    ….time to call in the Royal Marine snipers! http://youtube.com/watch?v=rNuGN1QlQic

  • The One Eating Pretzels

    “Looking very pregnant” *chokes on pretzel*

  • Tidgaf

    Who care’s if she’s wearing a bikini .. what should she be wearing on vacation on a beach a parka ?? Give it up ..Dam Tabloids Have to make a big thing out of nothing all the dam time .. And Very Pregnant ?? Please you got to be kidding me .. Stop killing tree’s to make paper to write about crap like this ..Let the kids enjoy themselves and leave them alone while vacationing .. God the Tabloids must be getting desperate for any good real news .. And Congrats’ on the new baby to be William and Kate ..

  • arden

    i do not understand as long as i can remember women and girls wear bikinis what is wrong with you get out of your box. p.s. i am 72

  • Marian

    she does not look pregnant. She still has a nice figure. Just wait a couple of months then she will look pregnant.

  • lea

    so freaking what???????if they cant get used to the media, they should get out of the public glare! Besides, what did she expect when she was walking around with a bikini????
    what nonsense?

  • dawardin

    come on people get a ife !! they are human and this goes for the royal family as well,
    take a look at charles and the other males let cut the double standard

  • mary1940

    How absurd!! There is nothing wrong with the photos of Kate in a bikini. At early stages of pregnancy, the tummy isn’t any more bulged than most gals at any time!!! Most of these negative people are jealous of the way she looks!!

  • sondra

    PLEASE leave that poor beautiful girl alone. Guess it’s ok to show VERY pregnant bellies of actresses, which I must add are disgusting–no one wants to see them–let Kate enjoy her pregnancy in private!!!!

    • Anonymous

      So if Kate shows her very pregnant belly later in her pregnancy will it be disgusting? If you think pregnant bellies are disgusting then I hope you don’t get pregnant because that’s your child in their making your belly big like that.

  • dylan

    ummm who gives a shit….she doesn’t even look pregnant and her tits arent out….

  • Pat McGroyne

    Shitty pictures. What’s all the fuss? I could see if they had some candid photos of her at the ob/gyn during an exam, but this is nothing.

  • Pat McGroyne

    Shitty pictures. What’s all the fuss? I could see if they had some candid photos of her at the ob/gyn during an exam, but this is nothing.

  • http://twitter.com/Matts_Tweeting Matt

    oh my god, someone took a photo of pregnant girl on a beach!
    so fking what?

  • hollyjd

    She’s small…

  • Dianne

    What a joke most of you people are, leave them alone! They are a brilliant couple. Sorry for all these malicious people Kate!

  • Jany

    When i was pregnant with my first child , i did not show very much until 7months. Catherine looks superb and hope she is feeling better …. I do not understand why people are so mean about the royals as they are great reason why turism exists in this country…..also the tax that goes to royals is 1pence a year per person who works …. They own lots of land in London and many builidings for instance around Regent park…. They are pretty able manage their own life finacially…. When it comes to Catherine’s family, they are self made millionairs and nobody gave them money to live their hight standard life….. Trully do not understand why people are so jealouse ….. And nasty about them…..

  • Ann

    I guess if you don’t want your photo taken stay indoors !!! A little bit precious and obsessive.

  • wendiva

    ugh..how can they p Kate Middleton and Michelle Obma on the same page….Kate is so classy and Michelle is so UGH ! ! !