Jennifer Aniston Talks Birthdays!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1161] JENNIFER Aniston says every day is like a birthday.

The actress — who turned 43 on Monday — says she has little time to honor getting older, but it doesn’t bother her as she has fun every day anyway.

“They just come rapid-fire,” she said. “I feel like the last one just happened!

“I want to say, ‘Let’s sloooow down.’ I have fun all the time, so I’m not worried. I can have a form of a birthday any day.

“When it rains, it pours. I’m having a ball. I’m loving this movie, and [busyness] isn’t bad, because I’m enjoying myself.”

Recent reports claimed Aniston is angry with boyfriend Justin Theroux — because he keeps farting!

The actor apparently became flatulent when Jen put him on a spe­cial diet — and now he’s sleeping alone until his tummy troubles go away.

“He can’t win, that guy,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“The sad thing is the flatulence problem is not his fault at all.

“She put him on a strict diet of legumes – lentils, beans and soy beans.

“Justin’s gas attack has been no laughing matter.

“He’s up­set with Jen for temporarily evicting him from the bedroom. He feels he can’t make her happy no matter what he does.

“I think he’s bent over backward for her – shaving off his beloved beard, upgrading to Jen’s favor­ite expensive bed sheets and even changing friends. But he hates being told what to eat by Jen, who’s also assigned strict mealtimes.

“Justin feels he should be allowed to eat what he wants and when, and Jen – who’s been looking at the empty side of the bed – must be starting to agree.”


  • cleangarry

    Jen is right: every day brings Happiness.

    • cleangarry

      New wonderful pictures.

      • jilly

        Hey Garry, I still haven’t seen her flat stomach in any pictures. I was so sure that she was pregnant but maybe I’m wrong. In all pictures, she is covered. BTW, this movie is going to be great. The story is great! I can’t wait to see it.

      • cleangarry

        I heard Jennifer will be busy with two another movies this year. I guess she is fine.

      • jilly

        I love that, she looks beautiful. I’m not sure if I LOVE this much blond on her but either way, she looks great :)

      • cleangarry

        High boots are yummy: style, color are perfect. Of course I’m not an expert :)

      • jilly

        I just found out that the hair is a WIG, I’m so glad that she didn’t ruin her beautiful hair with this color. :)

      • cleangarry

        She looks great with any color she loves.

  • cleangarry

    Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

    • jilly

      Happy Valentine’s day to you too Garry! :)

      • Toby

        Jilly, I hope you remembered to give me a Valentine?…

      • jilly

        Of course I did!!! It’s on Emma Watson Defending KS :) :) :)

  • cleangarry

    That’s a look! Everything is perfect! Every point! :)

    • jilly

      She does look great, she is glowing! Happiness makes a huge difference. Have you seen Jolie’s new pictures? She looks like an old granny, from her face to her hair and outfit. She is never with Brad, what’s up with that…

    • Elmo

      It is humanly impossible for me to agree more!

      • Elmo

        And you think that’s good, google “Jennifer Aniston young”! OH GOD!

  • mowoo

    i am soooo happy to see that you guys love jennifer so much.i ever go to just jared and i will never go to that site.