Kim Kardashian Knows Sex of Baby

Thursday, February 14, 2013

KIM Kardashian knows the sex of her newborn baby!

The reality star visited her doctor’s office with her closest support system — boyfriend Kanye West, mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe Kardashian — where they discovered the gender of their baby during an ultrasound.

But while it’s not confirmed what the sex of the couple’s new born will be, sources have revealed what each is hoping for.

“Kanye wants a boy but would be happy with a girl too, he doesn’t really care,” an insider said.

“Kim wants a little girl badly. But right now, nobody knows what they are having.”

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed Kim and Kanye are planning to add a “nanny wing” complete with spa onto their new home.

“As with everything Kim and Kanye related, they’re not holding back,” a source said.

“Each of the nannies will receive a salary of around $260,000 per annum. They will be given a car each and new phones so that they can stay in contact with Kim and Kanye around the clock.

“They want to build a wing on their mansion with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a second nursery, a kitchen and a spa area for their new employees.

“Kim and Kanye feel it’s important to have a separate area marked off so that they can still spend time alone as a family.

“All of the candidates will have to go through a thorough interview process and the contracts will be absolutely watertight.

“They’re really keen to make sure anyone they employ isn’t fazed by their celebrity so they’re looking for people who have previous experience working with high-profile clients.”



  • cole trickle

    the sex of the baby is a 9 iron Kanye left up there.