Michael Douglas: ‘I’m Feeling Good’

Friday, February 15, 2013

MICHAEL Douglas insists he’s feeling “good” following his cancer battle.

The 68-year-old superstar — who revealed in 2010 that he had been diagnosed with stage four — successfully underwent treatment and is now optimistic about his health and excited to be working.

“So far everything is good. I just finished my six-month check up a couple of days ago,” he said.

“I’m working a lot. I just happened on some good material.”

While Douglas is in remission, his medical treatment was so harsh his weight plummeted to 139 lbs at one stage. Around the time he announced his illness, Michael confessed he couldn’t forgive the doctors who at first failed to notice that he had cancer.

“I went and saw a round of doctors in January-February and they didn’t pick up anything,” he said.

“They gave me some antibiotics and then I went and saw a round of doctors again in May and still nothing. Then my tongue started bothering me and by the time I took off for the summer and came back in August, I told my doctor ‘Hey, something’s going on.’

“I understand it’s a very difficult cancer  to find. It was under the tongue and it’s unusual, but I’m still doing my homework on it. I would say I have not forgiven… stage two would have been nicer than stage four.”