Lindsay Lohan Gets Money From Ashton Kutcher?

Friday, February 15, 2013

LINDSAY Lohan has been getting money off of Ashton Kutcher.

Sources say the two had a brief fling years ago, so Ashton feels obligated to let Lindsay treat him like her own personal cash machine.

“Ashton has always had a soft spot in his heart for her, and Lindsay totally exploits it,” said a source.

“She has been asking to borrow hundreds of dollars at a time with the promise to pay him back ‘in a couple of weeks.’ Ashton knows he’s never going to see the money again, but he’s very loyal,” continued the source. “Even to a train wreck like Lindsay.

“It’s terribly sad. Lindsay’s broke and she’s burned bridges with so many people. But Ashton never refuses her. He just writes a check whenever she says she needs money.”

Lindsay has also been pressuring Ashton to get her a guest spot on his hit show Two and a Half Men, but so far he’s managed to put her off.

Sources say Ashton’s girlfriend Mila Kunis doesn’t want him to keep giving Lohan money.

“Mila is quickly losing patience with the situation,” added the source. “She wants him to cut her ties with Lindsay – the way the rest of Hollywood has.”



  • Simon Cowel

    Woah Showbizspy you really know what your talking about huh?

  • Michael Prymula

    Sounds like more BS rumors.

  • Imelda Marcos

    They had “a brief fling years ago” ??; she’s 26 now, he married Moore in 2004; so Lohan was 17 or 18 when Kutcher “had a brief fling” with her?

  • jilly

    Lindsey would milk anyone that she can because she is broke and wants to live like a Princess!! She just got $100K from Charlie Sheen and is always on private jets and living in expensive penthouses in NYC with no money of her own. So, YES, it’s a possibilty that she’s milking ashton too.

  • Katy28