Jennifer Aniston to Dish on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in New Book?

Friday, February 15, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1161] JENNIFER Aniston has been offered a book deal — so she can lift the lid on her amazing life, sources say.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, publishers have offered Aniston — who’s divorced from Brad Pitt — mega bucks for an authorized biography.

“Jen’s in a very stable place in her life now,” a source said.

“She’s feeling much more open. She would love to get the truth out to her fans once ad for all. If she does do it, she wants it to be a very real, very deep account of her life.

“That means she will finally give her side of the story on absolutely everything!

“Of course, the big is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and this is the tough one for Jen. She knows it’s a great chance to clear the air. A lot of people think Brad wanted kids and she didn’t — that’s not true.

“Jen won’t want to dwell on bad things. She’ll want people laughing, not crying. It’s not about going after Brad and Angelina, but if she does write it, she’s not going to sugarcoat the truth.”


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  • cleangarry

    This book is a powerful mean to kill lots of rumors. A very good idea.

  • jilly

    I would buy and read that book in a second. PLEASE Jen, do it!

    • larissa bork

      Can’t wait to read this book.

  • Jimiesjoy Ever

    Don’t even dream about it. Jen is very loving and classy lady. She had moved on years ago. She is very smart, talented and independent. She wants a happy and peaceful life. BP had been no longer in her mind. According to her personality, she won’t let that hurt remained in her mind and her heart.

    Wish Jen the best of all happiness she deserves.

    • cleangarry

      Jen’s haters so love to talk about her hating own mother. It’s a lie!
      They so love to say she lied to Brad about her wish to have children…
      They love to talk about her therapy…
      Lots of details from her personal life…
      About “using” Chelsea Handler…
      AND SO ON …
      All these points (and many other) must be clarified.
      Why must she listen all this lie ?

      • jilly

        YES, but let’s not forget that Brad is crying every night and wishing for those days of freedom and happiness that he had with Jen WITHOUT KIDS!!!

      • cleangarry

        Without worldwide SHAME first of all.

    • cleangarry

      she wants a peaceful life.
      But Jolie’s gang doesn’t want any peace for Jennifer.

      • Jimiesjoy Ever

        Jen does not care what Jolie’s gang is doing. The evil one will never win at the end. She does not pay attention to those lies made up by tabloids or haters. Lies will go nowhere anyway.

      • jilly

        Thank you Jimiesjoy. THE EVIL NEVER WINS!!! I love it…

      • jilly

        Whorelina never wins!

      • jilly

        I did not post this but AGREED!

  • cleangarry

    I want to read it.

  • GMRC fan

    JAniston’s acting bitchy ! acting uneducated & indescent. I liked her before, heard her side & pitied her but if acting like what the articles says about her dishing out Brangelina…. gives me a thought that the poor AJolie has better attitude than JAniston.No way I will patronize nor promote a book that puts people down to make the author look cool …. no way for evil ways hosey, improve your clan, you can do better than being greedy of money as you want to make sales at the expense of others’ sorrows… sorry JAniston, you look cool but actually you aren’t that cool.

  • claudia

    jolie has a better attitude ? come on .. it’s ok that she & brad together .. but posing in a magazine, play a happy family with lots of kids soon after Brad left Jen.. and create the story abt Jen didn’t want kids in the “Brangelina book” .. that is soooo insensitive and uncool.

  • Lulu Kitty

    Wake me when she’s over, OK? ZZZZZZZZZZZZ