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Ryan Seacrest is Really Fun — According to Julianne Hough

Posted by Adam

RYAN Seacrest is “really fun” — according to his girlfriend Julianne Hough.

The Rock of Ages star says her 38-year-old boyfriend of almost three years isn’t intimidated by her dance moves and often surprises her with a few unique moves of his own.

“It’s not good, but I mean, he does do it,” she said.

“He’s really fun, you guys! I know he’s Mr. perfect on TV and everything, but he’s really, really fun.”

Hough recently revealed she and Ryan are considering marriage, but won’t have a huge bash.

“I always thought of who I’m going to be with the rest of my life and what my life is going to be like with that person,” she said.

“I was one of those girls when I was a kid that never really planned a wedding or thought of the big wedding day. A wedding to me is whatever, I mean, it’s a cool party but I’m not a big wedding kind of person.”

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