Whitney Houston’s Daughter: Pregnant and Suicidal

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WHITNEY Houston‘s daughter is in a bad place.

Bobbi Kristina is said to be both pregnant and suicidal — just one year after the death of her superstar mom.

“For weeks she’s been look­ing like she’s pregnant, and it’s a big worry because she has gone off the rails again, suffering deep depression,” revealed an insider.

“Even though the family initially didn’t approve of  her boyfriendNick when he and Krissi first got together, they now want him back in her life to keep her under control.

“They know he is about the only person who has a calming effect on her. He’s very protective of her and can hopefully keep her from self-destructing.

“They broke up in November. But now her grandma Cissy and her uncle Gary and aunt Pat (Houston) decided they had to encourage the relationship because Krissi listens to Nick. They’re just hoping he can keep her from returning to the party life.

“Krissi is still crying over her mother and can’t believe she’s gone.

“And as the anniversary of Whit­ney’s death got closer, she got more and more upset.

“She’d be fine one minute and then would fly into a rage over the smallest thing. When anyone tried to help her, she would either burst into tears or get angry and say, ‘I don’t need any help. Stay away from me!’

“Her family fears if she gets the chance, she could take her life to be with her mother again.

“Bobbi Kristina’s spirits have fallen so low recently, she’s openly sug­gested that she’s thought about killing herself.

“She said, ‘I’m nothing without Mom. I can’t go on by myself. I want to be with Mom!’

“Krissi wants to know why all these people are claiming to love her mom be­cause she remembers some of these same people were making fun of her mother’s drug use and never tried to help.”



  • celebritynews


    Whitney Houston BETRAYED greatest pain

    Cissy Houston,
    secret wood not go to grave with her. John Houston made sure of that by
    telling Whitney the truth he was not her father .they say a person who
    repents sins before death will past beyond the holy gate never the
    less for year’s john Houston wanted to do this but did not 1 big reason
    john and cissy Houston divorce. Never the less Whitney confront her
    mother cissy says he crazy he has no idea what he is saying .cissy
    Houston never to tell truth. Whitney never being that high found the
    truth before her death moving on Bobbi Kristina has more family for
    support. She has a cousin that tries to talk to her but nothing from
    her. Before cissy hateful book Robert try to warn her about her
    grandmother but she listen the world want will she honor what her
    mother would have done. Or turn out to be like her grandmother. Only
    time will tell

  • http://twitter.com/Aquilagrande Knut Holt

    I sthere any celebrity out there that do not have one or more serious trgedies in tthe life?