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Chaz Bono Loses 50 Pounds!

Posted by Adam

CHAZ Bono is losing weight!

The 43-year-old transgender son of Cher used to weight 345 pounds, but has dropped 50 pounds thanks to intense mixed martial arts workouts, heart-pumping dance ses­sions and a strict diet, sources say.

“Chaz is determined to get as close to 200 pounds as possible, and he’s well on his way,” said a friend.

“In the past, his biggest hurdles were that he didn’t exercise and binged on junk food when he was de­pressed. But now Chaz has found martial arts and kickboxing, which he loves, and the weight is melting off.

“It’s steady going for Chazl He’s doing a great job. He’s even taken up jiu jitsu.”

Along with the workouts, Chaz has changed his eating habits. Instead of the junk food, he now gets portion-controlled high protein, low carbohydrate meals from the diet delivery service Freshology.

“Chaz is jazzed that he finally found the right weight-loss formula,” said the friend. “If he contin­ues at this pace, he’ll hit his 200-pound goal by the end of 2013!”